Published On: Mon, Sep 9th, 2019


Here’s a preview of my latest book “Love Boat 78,” which will be out this fall published by Mascot Books and soon available on Amazon, Kindle and in bookstores.

It’s about the new ways men and women find each other today online . . . how quickly they think they fall in love or just plop into imaginary beds with perfect strangers from afar.

Amid all the sordid details, as my friend and great lawyer Peter Ticktin observes, humor is perhaps my saving grace in this true story of my searching for a way out of the depression that gripped me so hard following the death of my beloved wife.

Yes, I had some zany, sexy and funny experiences with online dating that I tell about in this book, but thankfully there’s a happy ending when I meet my now fiancée Rita de Cassia Pierotti.  And where did I meet this Brazilian beauty whom I plan to marry?  Ironically not online, but in a sports bar called Duffy’s.

Go figure.



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