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King Tides in Florida Are Back, What to Expect

With Hurricane season in Florida, it is not uncommon to expect an abundance of flooding. But as of recently, we have not had too many flood watches.

According to city officials, this will soon change as king tides appear more prominent among Florida waters resulting in more water until October 3rd.

King tides are associated with the gravitational pull between the sun and moon in the northern Hemisphere of the years end resulting in higher tides and more water, states the Sun Sentinel.

King tides can be dangerous to low-lying neighborhoods in the coastal towns of Florida.

Public officials should be looking into things that can help combat flooding such as clearing storm drains, conducting catch basin cleaning and monitoring pump stations, but there are also a couple of things people can do to minimize high flooding impact.

In case your home gets flooded, contact a water damage restoration company as soon the water recedes to salvage as much belongings as you can and to have your home cleaned up and restored. These companies have the necessary expertise, equipment, and certifications to handle all aspects of the water damage restoration process. 

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