Published On: Wed, Jul 24th, 2019

Social Media equals personal insecurity

Social Media has become a worldwide epidemic. It’s hard to run into someone who doesn’t use at least one of them. We have the sensation that we have only gained something when we create an account.

Yet all of this is an illusion. Consider this, when a large company gives us something for free, they also take from us something much more valuable than we previously thought.

I read once that large companies behave like psychopaths of the worst kind. They always seek out huge profits without feeling any pity for how they acquired them. A simple analogy: when pig farmers throw “free” corn to the animals, the pigs, in their irrationality, do not hesitate to run and eat; however, we know what their future will be.

I believe that many people know this, and so the main question is: how can we protect ourselves and still use social media? Here are some suggestions that can help with your personal security. Still, know that 100% security doesn’t exist.

First, install an app that stores your information, photos, docs, and videos in an encrypted format. Second, only put the minimum amount of personal information possible on any social media account. Unless this social media helps you professionally.

Deactivate all the location-finding functions and default sharing that exist. Enable two-step social network access which is more secure. Always have in mind, if a photo or piece of posted information has no real purpose, such as a professional one, it’s better to just take it down. Since everything that is on the internet in regards to you and doesn’t have a purpose, can be used against you in the future.

People always ask me, what’s the worst social media site? I always respond: the one that is accessed the most. This is because this is the social media account that contains everything about you and everyone else, and every day this thousand-headed entity knows more and more about how we behave and think.

In other words, social media dominates us. It’s like when you are playing a game of poker and you don’t know who is playing and who is being played. Guess what? The one being played, is you.

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