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FWC Says You Should Not Be Doing This To Iguanas

Due to the extensive growth of non-native and invasive iguanas, a state wildlife agency was encouraging people to exterminate them.

WPTV stated that Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was instructing individuals to kill the iguanas on their property as well as 22 public lands across South Florida.

The only issue, the Commission failed to include how you should exterminate them.

In a news statement sent out by Commissioner Rodney Barreto on Thursday, it was clarified that they are not asking the public to violently shoot the iguanas. He supports this in stating, “This is not the ‘wild west.'”

Iguanas are not a danger to the public, so there is no need to approach them as such. The main issues these non-native species present is to the land.

Iguanas tend to dig long tunnels that can damage seawalls, sidewalks, and landscape foliage.

The Wildlife Conversation Commission wants to emphasize more humane ways to eliminate iguanas apart from going out and shooting them.

Do you think the Wildlife Commission should release a statement of ways the public should and shouldn’t exterminate iguanas?

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