Published On: Thu, Jul 11th, 2019

Boca Raton potential site of new Virgin Trains station

A Virgin Trains station could soon be coming to Boca Raton, according to The Miami Herald.

The company, formerly known as Brightline, recently told investors that they were in negotiation to add three new stations to add to list of stops.

Currently, the train stops in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami.

Boca Raton City Officials confirmed they are in conversation with Virgin Trains, “Representatives will be coordinating through the office staff to set up meetings in the next two weeks (or as soon as possible) with each of the City Council members to discuss the potential for a Brightline Station in Boca Raton on the property east of the Downtown library,” the city said in an email to the Herald.

Is a Virgin Trains station in Boca Raton a good idea? Let us know your thoughts below.

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  1. Gene Arenson says:

    Very good idea, there is too much distance between stations if you are in the Delray, Boca or Pompano area.

  2. Susan M says:

    Hhhmmm…local and state tax dollars are already subsidizing a commuter rail from Miami to West Palm to the tune of $80 MILLION per year. Virgin’s business plan calls for them to reach Orlando in 3.15 hours to be successful. If they abandon that plant, become a commuter rail and compete with Tri-Rail, they will just be another burden on taxpayers. Paying for crossing safety equipment maintenance and a station stop is already subsidy enough. What’s the scam here???

  3. Lynn Russell says:

    The article fails to say that the site being considered is the home of the Boca Raton Community Garden, a acre and a half property owned by the city and operated by the Junior League of Boca Raton for the past eight years. This oasis has 103 garden plots leased by individuals to grow their own organic food. Each gardener also contributes 10 percent of their produce to Boca Helping Hands. The community garden contains a large certified wildlife habitat, the Wildflower Walk, made up of native flowers, shrubs and trees which hosts the butterfly and bee population that pollinate all of the garden. The Permaculture Food Forest at the garden uses that design science to work with nature to grow bananas, papayas, pineapples, yuca, moringa, mulberries, etc. for Boca Helping Hands. Local businesses contribute hundreds of pounds each week of fruit and vegetable waste, coffee grounds, etc. for composting. Compost is constantly improving the soil on the site and that material does not go to a landfill. In June, a composting workshop was held in cooperation with the city to teach people a simple method of composting their food waste at home. Education for children and adults is an important component of the garden. The garden is open to the public. As Garden Liaison, I invite all to come and see that this unique,chemical free, beautiful place which supports all living things must continue to be a part of our city.

  4. Chris Kent says:

    It’s an amazing idea. There are so many people from the Delray and Boca Area who work in Miami and Ft Lauderdale. If Boca wants to attract young professionals the train station is a must. I know so many people who are very very excited with the prospect. The station will be also very beneficial to young families and more mature people who live in the area and hate driving on I 95.
    It will also benefit businesses and museums theaters and other cultural venues in Miami, palm beach and ft Lauderdale.
    One suggestion: why don’t they use the station that already exists on Dixie and Camino?

  5. Richard Randall says:

    Aside from original intent for speedy transportation to Orlando and Miami. Finding property available to handle such traffic is almost impossible. The Community Garden property may be close to Mizner Park but very small, parking would need a garage, library parking would be affected, neighboorhood would be impacted by traffic and noise.
    There is a larger property at Glades Rd and Dixie Hwy that would be more accessible,a short distance from downtown.
    Is a Virgin rail stop going to be that beneficial? How often are trips, would seekers of Downtown Boca Raton find price of trip worth it?

  6. Tom Denney says:

    I would love it if this happens. I travel to downtown WPB, and the Tri Rail station is a hike or a bus, won’t do that. I would definitely use this.

  7. Jim Gabriel says:

    Awesome opportunity for Boca Raton residents. I have taken the train several times from Ft Lauderdale to Miami. Would like not having to drive to Ft Lauderdale to catch the train. It’s a great way for locals to get out and experience neighboring communities.

  8. Neil G says:

    I think this is an outstanding idea, as I’ve been commuting between Boca and downtown Miami for 15 yrs and know of many others who do the same. I-95 traffic is getting worse and the Express Lane project is unlikely to alleviate the congestion going forward. Further, Tri-Rail is inconvenient, as it’s not centrally located to the downtown district (I wouldn’t be opposed to Tri-Rail moving to the FEC tracks, although that’s been talked about for years.).

    As for the station location, best to keep it as close to the downtown district as possible. Is there other land available and more conducive to the Community Garden project? That I don’t know.

  9. Joe F. says:

    This is a fantastic idea and a welcome addition to resolve at least some of the complaints emanating from the poor infrastructure in South Florida! I have been commuting from Boca Raton to downtown Miami for the past 22+ years and can attest that the traffic and general congestion in South Florida has gotten considerably worse over the years. The Boca Raton Tri Rail station is one of the busiest stations on the Tri Rail line, with many individuals commuting to Fort Lauderdale and downtown Miami. In the past 22 years I have only taken the Tri Rail once, as it took over 2.5 hours – plus 2 trains (Tri Rail & Metro Rail) – plus 18 train stops to get from Boca to the Government Center Station in downtown Miami, and that’s only going one way. Between the State of Florida converting the HOV lanes into a Money-Making revenue stream at the expense of hard-working commuters, and the inconsiderate drivers not obeying the rules of the road, this will be a welcome addition not only to Boca Raton, but to commuters throughout the South Florida corridor.

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