Published On: Tue, Jun 4th, 2019

Chantel Grant & The GM Law Firm LLC Consumer Advocacy Compliments Clients Needs

Different law firms have different specialties. GM Law Firm specializes in consumer defense law and debt resolution. From protecting the rights of the buying public to helping people resolve their debt issues and get relief from aggressive creditors, Chantel Grant and her firm, GM Law Firm, LLC, have helped thousands of Americans regain financial control. Regardless of how carefully you plan your future, unforeseen circumstances such as unexpected job lay-offs, health issues, economic hardships, or credit card and student loan debt can leave people in a difficult spot. Due, in part, to the recent downturn in the American economy, more and more people are facing heavy debt amounts and a record number of loans falling into default. GM Law Firm has responded to the growing need for debt assistance with their premium service and consumer advocacy attorneys.

What is Consumer Advocacy Law?

Consumer advocacy law refers to the practice of protecting anyone who has fallen into debt. Large-scale companies, businesses and organizations have a lot of power, and when they are abusing that power at the expense of consumers, that is where consumer advocates such as Chantel Grant come in.

Consumer advocacy law firms are the watchdogs of lenders and banking institutions who are known for their deep pockets and unwavering power. Through public awareness and lawsuits, consumer advocates expose these companies for any unethical and predatory lending actions against consumers, and this holds them accountable

About GM Law Firm

GM Law Firm is founded on the belief that people deserve a second chance. Chantel Grant chose to go into consumer advocacy law for one reason: to help people with one of life’s most challenging aspects: finances and debt. Regardless of the type of debt people accumulate from credit card to students, medical, repossessions, payday loans or eviction-related debt, those people still have rights.

When creditors or aggressive collection agencies are hounding them day and night, those rights are being infringed upon.  Chantel Grant has over a decade of litigation and debt defense experience. Grant and the GM team will provide you with your best deft defense options, whether you are being sued by a collector or are looking for assistance in dealing with aggressive creditors.

GM Law Firm Charity

Chantel Grant and the GM team don’t underestimate the challenge it is to get out from under the weight of debt. Often, it is those that are most in need that can afford the help the least. For those that don’t have funds for basic daily necessities or loan payments, they most certainly don’t have the funds needed to hire a consumer advocacy lawyer to guide them through the process. For those most in need of their services, Grant and GM have committed to a number of pro bono cases so a number of people don’t fall through the cracks. Those people who have been helped have glowing reports as to the kindest, professionalism, and efficiency with which they were treated and helped.

If you are at the point where you are getting hounded by aggressive creditors and are feeling like there is no way out from under your debt, call GM Law Firm. Calling GM Law Firm could be the best decision you have ever made! Chantel Grant and her team work to empower their clients by informing them of their rights. Through the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), GM Law Firm have built up a solid debt defense strategy that has helped thousands of Americans gain financial control.

GM Law Firm LLC, is located at South Federal Highway, Boca Raton, FL. If you want to share your experience with GM Law Firm please do so below or contact them at their HQ’s phone number, or via linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter with your praises and compliments.


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