Published On: Mon, Jun 17th, 2019

6 Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Vape Party

Most Americans are clocking 47 hours at work every week. These hours average higher than most other countries.

If this describes your circle of friends, you could all do with a party that allows you to let off some steam occasionally.

Most people dread the idea of having to plan a party because, at times, parties can feel like sheer hard work. However, the kind of party we are about to suggest is easy to plan and loads of fun.

Do you want to learn how to throw a vape party? Here is your ultimate guide.

1. The Venue

If you have a small group of guests, your home will do just fine. All you need to decide is where in your home to have the party.

A vape party is much like a hookah party, only guests can have individual vape pen or disposable vape materials and supplies. This allows them to move around more freely.

You can use several spaces in your home, both indoor and outdoor. The kitchen, living room, backyard, and porch would be perfect for this.

If you have a pool and it’s a hot summer night, even better.

Create a seamless space where people can move and freely mingle, connect and network. You could also hire a party hire company to save up costs on party supplies especially if you expect many guests. 

2. Juice Bar

Vaping is all about flavor.

Ensure to have e-juices that take on the flavors of fruits, or a combination of fruits, liquor, and flavors of sweets, breads, and cookies.

Have the different juices accessible to allow your guests to try different juices and mixes and find their favorites. Myle Vape UAE has the best flavors.

You can also ask your guests to bring their favorite juices for all to try at the party.

If you do go this route, however, have a commitment beforehand on how many people will bring juices so as not to overbuy or under buy.

3. Provide Bites

Another great thing about vape parties is that they do not require an extravagant buffet.

Snacks and biting will do just fine.

Foods like mini pizzas, burgers, fish fingers, crisps nuts, sandwiches are great. You only need to avail different toppings and fillings and allow people to personalize their snacks.

The key to party food is to have the serving tables spread out the party space so that people can easily reach for a snack as they need to.

Be sure to have some vegetarian snacks as well.

Your guests can eat in between vaping to keep their energy up. If the vape juice has nicotine, the snacks will also prevent them from having headaches at the party.

4. Stock up on Drinks

Drinks are just as important as the food.

So have liquor, coffee and soft drinks available as well.

If you are throwing a party on a shoestring budget, you can request guests to bring their own drinks.

However, chasers like water, ice, coke, and lemonade should be on your tab and available for those that will need them.

Plastic cups and plates will come in handy as well. You will have fewer dishes to wash the day after, and you won’t be left counting loses from broken glasses either.

5. Entertainment

As fun as the actual vaping is, it shouldn’t be the end all be all of the party. Plan some other activities around it.

You can have great music, play multiplayer video games, card games, team games, and photo booth hire at

These will help loosen people up if timed early on during the party. It also provides a space for people to know each other and socialize.

You can plan the entertainment around vaporizing as well.

You can have a few vaporizers up for grabs for the winners of the games played. Visit this site for a huge selection of Yocan wax vaporizer.

6. Pampering

If you have a smaller group and are going for a more luxurious experience, how about pampering your guests?

You can get a masseuse and a beautician there to do massages and nail art for the ladies.

After a long week at work, anyone would love their favorite flavors, a drink and a relaxing massage to boot.

Relax, Enjoy and Have Some Fun

See? Easy does it.

For the ultimate vaping party, all you need to do is create a relaxing atmosphere, throw in some drinks and a few things to nibble on and you have yourself an unforgettable experience.

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