Published On: Fri, Feb 1st, 2019

FEEN ON THE SCENE – The conduction of calm.

By Diane Feen


It’s “the season” so the temperatures are lower, the traffic is higher, and the dreamscape is more bountiful. If you lived in Boca Raton before they paved the streets, you know that this sleepy little town has grown-up for better (or worse).


But the good part about this population explosion is that there is so much to do. There’s theater, music, dancing, food and parties from sun up to sun down. There’s a bustling philanthropic bent around every corner and it seems my contemporaries dance and dally for every imaginable cause – and that’s a good thing.


Giving is about as good as it gets – unless you’ve been to the Breakers Hotel. Then a sense of giving fades into the hushed corridors and elaborate old-world carvings of rooms with names like The Gold Room and Magnolia. The hotel echoes its heritage of grandeur just as an innocent bystander witnesses a kind gesture. It’s an aphrodisiac that heightens the senses with artistic prowess and new possibilities.


One of those possibilities is looking as youthful as possible beyond your stamped expiration date. Such is the reason we ventured to this castle of calm to attend the opening of the first US spa by Biologique Recherche called The Ambassade de la Beaute. This beauty brand – based in France – just opened their first US spa and they celebrated this auspicious occasion with a fête at The Breakers.

Though their most renowned product is referred to as “Jesus in a Bottle” (the Lotion P50) it has an illustrious celebrity following. But what intrigued me more than the fanfare in the US is their beauty philosophy. “A person has several skins that change with conditions several times a day. Each person has a different skin Instants and we must understand the epidermis messages and adjust our approach to enhance it,” they say.

Wow, I’m thinking I need a therapist to monitor my skin instead of my psyche. Not to worry they say – they have over 100 products (available in spas worldwide) that will help you. The reason you need to be analyzed in person for optimal product selection is because stress, diet, lifestyle changes and other factors change your skin’s needs.


I try not to think about my needy skin – that must be out of normal range due to my rocky life – but I think of Freud. Would he suggest I try a multitude of skin products to match my world view, inner calm or outer chaos? The answer (sans Freud) lies with Biologique Recherche esthetician’s, who are ready when you are.


We also ventured into the Crest Theatre where the Boca Symphonia took the essence of musical enchantment and blasted us into a personal vortex of wonderment. Violinist David Kim is so masterful at his craft that it seemed there was no delineation between the master and his instrument. Kim is concertmaster (and soloist) of The Philadelphia Orchestra and All-Star Orchestra.


When I asked Kim if playing violin was his lifelong dream, he hesitated and said he loved playing the violin but also loved engaging with the audience. He spoke intimately to us about the music being performed (Vivaldi’s Four Seasons) and added that musicians love to hear praise (the human condition I ponder). Kim’s mother prodded him to play at the tender age of three and his stepmother accompanied him to Delray Beach as his cheerleader and side kick at the after party.


Kim reads music on an iPad and turns the pages with a foot control during the concert. It was quite extraordinary – and the Boca Symphonia is world-class. They perform in February and March and are back at the Crest Theatre April 1st.


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