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Boca Children’s Museum Gets New Fence Thanks to Rotary Club of Boca Raton

By: Michael Demyan

The Boca Raton Children’s Museum has a brand new rough cedar fence posts surrounding the property thanks to the Rotary Club of Boca Raton.

Diane Shawcross, a staff member of the Florence Fuller Child Development Centers, the affiliate of the museum, first brought the idea of the fence to the Rotary Club of Boca Raton. The club loved the idea and decided to raise the money necessary to make it happen.

Ellyn Okrent, the CEO of Florence Fuller Child Development Centers, is grateful for the generosity of the Rotary Club and said that the members put a lot of support into helping the local children.

“Education and community are priories of the Rotary and what a better place to put your money where your heart is?” she said. “The Children’s Museum is a local gem in the heart of our community that provides a unique opportunity for children to learn and grow. Many members of the Rotary are child advocates and are familiar with the Children’s Museum.”

The unique outdoor wood fence is something that will help give parents a piece of mind when their children go to the museum to have fun and learn, knowing that it provides a safe boundary from the dangers of cars passing by on the street.

“The fence is very important for keeping the children safe at the museum,” Okrent said. “Up until now, parents were always on guard while their children played outside. In a split second, a child could run into the street or the parking lot. The fence not only provides a safety barrier, it has enhanced and defined the property.”

The new addition will even give the museum an opportunity to plan more outdoor events and activities.

“We are working on creating more outside creative play opportunities for our children to enjoy while they spend quality time using their imagination and spending time with family and friends,” she said.

The fence was recently unveiled in front of a crowd of people at a ribbon cutting ceremony and was followed by a reception. Guests included members of the Rotary Club, Boca Raton Children’s Museum board chair Terri Fedele, Boca Raton Council member Andrea O’Rourke and County Commissioner Robert Weinroth.

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