Published On: Tue, Oct 16th, 2018

Diving for a Purpose

adaptive diver and Diveheart ambassador and training advisor Christina Ford from Palm Beach County works with Diveheart adaptive scuba instructors at Rainbow Reef in Key Largo. Christina has cerebral palsy and uses a full face mask to dive.

Children with disabilities from birth who’s been told their entire life that they can’t do things can now be part of a team, an adaptive scuba team thanks to the non-profit Diveheart and the adaptive scuba team Rainbow Reef in Key Largo.  Diveheart uses state of the art adaptive scuba gear and techniques to get individuals with severe disabilities in the water.

Veterans with disabilities and individuals who have suffered traumatic injuries can also benefit from Diveheart’s scuba therapy. Research from John Hopkins has proven that if participants can go deep enough they will benefit from an extra output of serotonin in the human body that helps with pain management and Post traumatic stress disorder. If an adaptive diver goes to 66 feet underwater this serotonin effect can alleviate  80% of their PTSD symptoms and individuals with years of chronic pain can be pain free up to three weeks.

Diveheart has also collaborated with Midwestern university to do the first research on autism and scuba therapy which is very effective for individuals with autism. To find out more about scuba therapy and how it might help someone you know with a disabilities go to watch the news stories and videos to see incredible stories of hope and healing. Or contact Diveheart at or call 630-964-1983

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