Published On: Thu, Aug 9th, 2018

Happiness Need not be Seasonal!

Boca Raton, FL – Those who are truly happy in life, have come to realize that happiness need not be an occasional experience, nor a seasonal happening! It can and should be a constant in the life of any individual. It is never dependent on what occurs outside of self but, rather, it is controlled by one’s inward understandings and dispositions, regardless of circumstances affecting one’s life!

Rather than occurring when certain things happen or don’t happen, true happiness is a personal choice. Outward conditions may be horrendous, difficulties of all kinds may surround anyone, but even then that individual can be truly happy, knowing that what is transitory is what is difficult, while happiness is a chosen condition which can and should remain permanent.

To the extent that you wisely define what is true happiness for you, it becomes much harder for anyone else to take it away from you. Furthermore, happiness is dynamic, not static! When it is soundly experienced, happiness often gives birth to additional manifestations of itself.

Always let your personal happiness be a reflection of what God wishes for you to enjoy; short of that, it is just a caricature of happiness. Tragically, it is precisely the caricature that so many people today are after, rather than the true experience. Yet, it’s only the legitimate expression of true happiness that is capable of providing what every individual, anywhere on earth, longs to possess!

One is truly happy whose life is in constant advancement toward anything higher and superior to what one possesses at any moment, be it an object or a significant idea. Ultimately, lasting happiness is exceedingly more due to what our willing service for others produces in them, than merely on what we acquire for ourselves! Happiness should outlast the experiences that gave birth to it, and excel them!

Best-selling author, Matthew Kelly, offers sound advice to all those desirous of retaining the happiness they’ve already achieved, and can still enhance it more: “We are only here on earth for the blink of an eye. This is not our home. That’s why the happiness that God wants and created us for is very different from the fleeting happiness and momentary pleasures of this world.”  I fully concur, and hope you will as well!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, J.



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