The City of Boca Raton Asks Residents to Prepare Now for Hurricane Season

by Robert S Weinroth

Boca Raton Florida officials do not want to find themselves inundated with trash and vegetation when the next hurricane takes aim for South Florida.

In preparation for hurricane season, the City of Boca Raton’s Sanitation Department is offering a special bulk and vegetation pick up program for all customers within City limits.

The Clean and Cut Program encourages residents to be proactive before hurricane season and start by “cleaning” garages and storage areas and “cutting” and pruning trees and shrubs, with the help of a local tree care company.

The free additional pick ups will begin in June and will take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays depending on the customer’s route.

This special program was created as a direct result of the sanitation challenges the City had before Hurricane Irma last year. When Irma was headed our way, residents began cleaning out garages and and hired Madison’s tree removal experts to secure their properties. The sheer volume of debris just overwhelmed the system. It got to the point where the city couldn’t pick up because there was nowhere to dump the debris. Residents were frustrated, and the city knew we had to help get them prepared earlier this year.

Residents can avoid damage to their property by cleaning out garages, carports and sheds to make room for cars, patio furniture, planters and basketball hoops, all of which can cause property damage if left unsecured during high winds.

Additionally, now is the time to cut and prune trees to avoid utility outages, flooding and property damages. Proper pruning of trees helps dissipate the wind load and may prevent trees from falling or losing large branches. If your shingle roofs get severely damaged by strong winds, a residential roofing replacement may be needed. Contact a roofing contractor when this happens.

Residents can view their extra pick up days and additional hurricane preparedness information such as list of acceptable bulk items and proper pruning protocol through the City’s website at

Can you even believe we’ve experienced our first “named storm?” Alberto was inconvenient but we know it’s just a taste of what could be another active season.

Do your disaster preparations now while taking full advantage of the 2018 Sales Tax Holiday.

Review the list prepared by the Florida Department of Revenue, below, to plan your buying trip(s) between June 1st and June 7th.

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