Published On: Wed, Mar 7th, 2018

Why is SEO Necessary to Get Your Law Firm Website on the First Page of Google?

Digital Marketing is a vast, complicated field. For all my experience and research, there’s no way I can understand the intricacies of its application in every industry. For this reason, I’ve invited Peter, a Legal Marketing Expert, to explain Digital Marketing in the legal niche.

In today’s day and age, people from all over the country are relying on the internet for their everyday needs. Finding a local criminal defense lawyer or personal injury attorney can be accomplished in just a few clicks which means advertising and visibility are key if you want your law firm to be one of the options that appear in the results following someone’s search for a lawyer. But how can this be accomplished and what can you do to ensure that individuals browsing the web are being shown your website, ad, etc. so that your clientele base continues to grow?

Well, there are a few key things we think you should be aware of that will help you accomplish this. According to search engine optimization experts like the ones at SEO Melbourne the first thing that plays a major role in attracting more individuals to your website (which in return could turn into potential clients) is SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization. SEO is “a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results” The reason you want to grow your visibility organically is that you need real people who need your help to find you. When choosing a magento ecommerce website you need to make sure you have good magento agency as the CMS can be awkward.

SEO includes many things such as the words on your page to how other sites link to you on the web. In other words, Boston SEO services helps to structure your site in a particular manner so that people searching the web are brought to your site, article, or any other content you put out as opposed to being directed to another lawyer’s page.

And the truth is, search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing look for sites that are structured a certain way so that they understand them and can push people in your direction in the event their search happened to relate to the services you offer. An SEO marketing agency like can put your website on the first page. If you’re looking for an SEO marketing agency for lawyers, you may visit sites like

What else must I do to help grow my online presence?

Aside from SEO, your site needs certain content to be published on it or linked back to it and that is something we at Digital Age Marketing Group (DAMG) specialize in. By industrial standards, this technique is called backlinks purchase. Publishing useful content and having your website optimized takes time, patience, and a good understanding of the internet and how it operates. But, we understand that your time is precious and we believe you should be spending it focusing on your clients’ needs, not handling the behind the scenes work that must be done continuously so that potential clients find you when they conduct an internet search.

But, before you take our word for it, the first thing we ask you to do is answer these few questions:

1. Would you like your website to show up on the first page of Google?
2. Would you like more attention to be drawn to your website which in return could turn into potential clients?
3. Would you like to grow your clientele base?
4. Do you need help with SEO and other tactics that can generate potential leads?

If you answered yes to at least one of those questions, then you may want to consider allowing DAMG and Lucas James Creative to work directly with you to grow your online presence and help you become visible to those who search the world wide web.

DAMG has already helped hundreds of attorneys located in all states in the U.S. modify their website to cater to this new practice we have all adopted to find people, places, and services. Not only that, we guarantee that we can get your site on the first page of Google. That’s huge. The reason being is that the majority of people who use the web to find a lawyer only go as far as the first page, and sometimes they don’t even scroll all the way to the bottom. That means your site must appear as one of the first options on the first page of Google or any other search engine so that the potential client sees it and considers you as one of their options.

So, if you are ready to get your firm recognized and/or draw more traffic than it already receives, give us a call at 866-335-8999 today to learn about all the services we offer, pricing, and why you should place your trust in DAMG.

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