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Top 5 Leisure Spots for College Students

By: Gabriel Diaz

If you are a college student in Boca Raton, there are many places that you can go to hang out and enjoy.In Boca we are fortunate enough to have a long list of quality leisure spots that can make our college experience in this beautiful city better.

Listed will be my top choices for cool places that you can go to with your friends in Boca for either free, or a reasonable price.

5) Cinemark Palace 20

If you are looking to go to the movies by yourself, with a date, or with our friends, Cinemark is the place to go. Cinemark Palace has very comfortable seats, great ambiance, and a Premier section where for a few more bucks, you get unlimited popcorn and better seating. The cool thing about Cinemark, if you are a movie lover and a foodie like myself, is that popcorn flows like crazy. If you buy a large popcorn, you get to refill it for free which means you get two large popcorns for the price of one! Phenomenal, I know. Cinemark offers half priced tickets on Tuesdays which means that you could go to a movie for $6 or get Premier seating for $10 (which includes bottomless popcorn). The only downside of this option is that if you don’t like movies you can’t enjoy this, but you could just drown in popcorn and forget about the fact that you are sitting in a dark and loud room with strangers for two hours.  

4) Gumbo Limbo

Gumbo Limbo is one of Boca’s most prized possessions. It has over 200,000 visitors per year and is one of the main attractions for nature and ocean lovers.  When you visit Gumbo Limbo, you can enjoy a walk on their boardwalk, which just extended it hours to be open later, go see the thousands of tropical fish in the aquariums, check out the butterfly garden, visit with the sea turtles in the rehabilitation facility. With 20 acres to explore and a multitude of things to do, Gumbo Limbo is truly a place to visit. Admission to the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center is only $5 so make sure to go while you are in Boca.

3) Mizner Park

Mizner Park, is home to many of the area’s best restaurants and stores. If you have nothing to do and don’t mind walking a little bit, Mizner Park is the perfect spot for you. Walking is free obviously, but many of the restaurants and stores are priced a little bit higher than college students would like. I will say, however, that there are some very good and cheaper options for college students in Mizner, hence why it made the list. Near the fountain area of Mizner, the city recently installed a mini putting green for any resident that wants to improve their putting game while waiting to get a table in a restaurant. This putting green is free to use, so putt way! Another great thing to do, or rather eat, in Mizner is Sloan’s Ice Cream. Sloan’s is some of the best Ice Cream that I have ever had, and the smell of the place when you walk in makes you want to bathe in vanilla wafers and chocolate. Truly a cheaper yet great place to look at in Mizner. Besides Sloan’s, there is a bar located right inside of the strip called The Dubliner. This place doesn’t compare to the other college bars I talk about, but it does have a great selection of drinks, and a nice ambiance, just not for a cheap price. If you go to Mizner you can also visit the Boca Raton Museum of Art which is free for students to attend, and sometimes you can catch a show in The Amphitheater for free as well.

2) FAU Sporting Event

A great thing to do if you go to school in Boca, or live in the area, is to go to an FAU sporting event. For FAU students, sporting events are completely and absolutely free, which means that we get to see Lane Kiffin for the price of rainwater. If you aren’t an FAU student but you would still like to go see our conference champion softball or baseball teams, as well as any of FAU’s 19 division 1 sports, then head on over to watch a game for a mere $10. Yes, for $10 you can watch division one college sports in Boca if you come as a guest of a student. To be entertained for a few hours and knock some cold ones with the boys at the tailgate, $10 is about as cheap as any sporting event is going to get. When football season starts, make sure you get a ticket to go see this year’s owls as they are expecting a good season. It’s cheap, so might as well.

1) The Beach

The beauty of going to school in Boca Raton is that the beach is less than five miles from any given point. You know what this means? Post class beach, pre class beach, Saturdays are for the boys and the beach, Sundays post mass beach, that’s what it means. Having a great selection of beaches ranging from Red Reef to Palmetto Beach, Boca college students are spoiled when it comes to enjoying the wonders of the ocean, sand, and sun. The best thing about the beach, however, is that it’s free, relaxing, and if you go with your friends, it can be fun. So next time you have some free time on your hands, head on over to the beach, lay out in the sun, and enjoy the fact that you go to school in paradise.


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