Published On: Wed, Jul 5th, 2017

Top 5 College Bars in Boca

By: Gabriel Diaz


Due to the amount of college students in Boca, there are many bars in the area that cater to these thirsty, sleep deprived, study drained individuals.

Here is a list of some of the top 5 best bars in the area that promise to entertain and be reasonably priced for college students.

5) The Wishing Well


Located in Southeast Mizner and near all of the major restaurants in Boca, The Wishing Well is one of the top college bars in the area. When you walk into The Well you notice a few things including a jukebox, darts, a shotski where one can take shots from, a cigarette machine, and friendly bartenders. From all of the bars on the list, this has to be one that has the best food available. It is disappointing that they don’t have as many themed nights as the other bars, but if you are not as broke as the rest of us and don’t care about saving a couple bucks on a drink, go right on in. It’s always a good time in The Wishing Well!

4) Nippers Bar and Grill


Nippers Bar and Grill is an institution in Boca Raton. Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, it is one of the only bars in Boca that is open and serves alcohol until 5 a.m. This soon could change however because there has been a recent change in city ordinance. Nippers is known for hosting large crowds of people at these times such as bartenders getting off from work, or college students looking to quench their thirst for cheap (ish) beer, bar food, karaoke, and billiards. Nippers is known to have great wings and sliders, and their kitchen is open for as long as the bar is.  

3) Irishmen Sports Pub & Eatery


Irishmen Sports Pub & Eatery is a true Irish bar that you can walk to from FAU. On Monday, Irishmen features $5 Cheeseburgers and Fries as well as Doubles for a Dime from 7 until close. Basically for 10 cents you can make your drink a double on a Monday. On Tuesday, Irishmen features their signature and tasty Shepherd’s Pie for $5, as well as $3 Guinness specials. It’s always a great day for a Guinness in Irishmen.

Wednesday night trivia is super fun in “Shrim” as the locals call it. If you participate in trivia, you can win a $100 gift card for Irishmen if you get first place. Also, all drinks on Wednesday are on happy hour prices, so you can get buzzed while answering modern culture questions.

Thursdays are pretty calm and casual and usually serve as the pregame for Rockn Angels’ College Night since PBR Tall Boys are $2, Car Bombs are $3, and Chicken Tenders are $5 for a basket. Basically for $10 you can get buzzed, fed, and feel like you are cooler than you actually are.

2) Rockn Angels


Rockn Angels is a Karaoke and Band bar that most college students in Boca frequent on either Wednesday or Thursday nights. On Wednesdays, guys drink free from 8-9 p.m. while the ladies drink free until midnight. The other cool thing about “Rockn on a Wednesday” is that there is karaoke where you can embarrass yourself and your friends while singing any song you want on stage.

Wednesdays are not as good as Thursday nights however. On Thursday night, Rockn hosts College Night where all college students get bottomless drinks until midnight for a mere $10. If this doesn’t scream a good time, I don’t know what does. Find college students here on Wednesdays singing Sweet Caroline and on Thursdays dancing to the beats of local FAU DJs.


1) O’Brian’s Irish Pub


This place is the, the epitome of college social life, the Mecca of the college student. O’Brian’s is located right next to Mizner Park and features karaoke, beer pong tournaments, and an occasional concert or two. You can catch college students here on Tuesday nights as OB’s offers $2 beers and $2 drinks, which is crazy considering other bars charge up to $5 for some of these beers like Rolling Rock and Bud Light.

Friday nights are very fun in O’Brian’s as well, since they feature drunken Karaoke and Liquor Pitchers for $7.50. OB’s also offers free popcorn for all of their patrons, which you can scoop up in the popcorn machine they have, as well as free lollipops. They also have cigarette machines in case you are in the mood for a Lucky.

The bar is smoke friendly so don’t be afraid to crank some hoons (cigarettes) while you sip on that $2 Rolling Rock and listen to your friends make clowns of themselves on stage, while singing a Billy Joel song, because most of the people in Boca are either from Jersey, New York or somewhere else in Florida.

O’Brian’s is also known for their amazing St. Patrick’s Day block party, in which college students from not only Boca but other cities nearby gather to make poor yet fun life decisions.

If you went to college in Boca but didn’t go to OB’s, did you really even go to college in Boca?

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