Published On: Mon, Feb 20th, 2017

Packing Genius: Tips to Become One


Packing is always a tiresome process when you need to leave your home regardless for a week or two or forever. This is why we offer you a couple of useful tips about packing the most common items into the suitcase.

#1 Organization of your packing – make a list

In order not to forget some important items at home when travelling somewhere make lists of things to take with or to leave. List will not only remind you about taking everything but will also help you stay organized at all time. Furthermore, with a god list you can ensure not to forget anything on the way back.

#2 Clothes

  1. a) Avoid stains

Do not pack together colored and white clothes and try to always put easily stainable clothes into poly bags so that they are protected from any influence.

  1. b) Roll and vacuum pack

Most people do not like vacuuming especially during vacations. So to avoid it roll all your clothes instead of folding and then put into poly bags and vacuum all air out.

  1. c) No dead space

If you pack everything tightly you can avoid unpleasant movement in the bag or box. So try to use the right size of boxes and bags to ensure perfect positioning  of all your items.

#3 Gadgets and ziplock bags

We all know the problem of messed up cables once we arrive somewhere, not even mentioning headphones. The easiest way to organize packing your gadgets is to put everything into separate ziplock bags. In this way you can ensure that cables do not interweave with each other while you travel. This is a perfect solution even for the everyday life to make your bag or purse more organized.

#4 Make-up and cotton wool

Women know the pain of opening their favorite powder or eye shadows and finding out that they are broken into pieces. There is a very easy way to protect everything from breaking. Just put cotton wool balls inside of the pressed powder or eye shadow packages directly on the powder and eye shadow so that you fill the empty space inside of it and ensure they do not crack from any pressure or shock.

# 5 Books – only the essentials

If you have a big library, then you are likely to be willing to take it all with you. But when you go on vacation, do not take them all, take only essentials. If you have, for instance, some big guide books, check information about everything you need, copy those pages and save a lot of money and space on weight. If you are simply in love of reading, buy a kindle for travels to still have a possibility to read but not take bulky stuff with.

#6 Valuables and envelopes or empty bottles

If you would like to like perfect during a vacation, then you are likely to take some jewelry with you. In order to protect them from robberies or again some twists or breaks, you can get some mailing envelopes wholesale or just empty bottles. Put everything into mailing envelopes for the actual relocation and travel time and use bottles to put the valuables inside when going for a swim.


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