Published On: Wed, Nov 2nd, 2016

Spookey Times – Steve Fox is Top Gun

By: Diane Feen


These are scary times – that’s why the skeletons and zombies at the Steve Fox Annual Halloween Party seemed like everyday folks.

But of course they weren’t.

The Steve Fox parties are something of a quirky sociological mix. Yet they are widely heralded as the most reliable and long lived social-single mixers on both sides of the sea.

Fox is somewhat of a pied piper for single people. His parties date back to the 80’s when his big bashes were the place to be in the Hampton’s.

But Fox has evolved – and so have his party guests. For one thing – we’ve gotten older and so has Fox (believe it or not). The married party promoter and matchmaker is now sponsoring singles cruises, matchmaking and parties like the one held at Blue Martini in Boca.

The latest Fox fete was a way to celebrate Halloween in all its glory. Though we were mostly Baby Boomers the eclectic nature of our colorful garb was as varied as the flowers at the Botanical Garden. There were skeletons, zombies, policemen and cops, a faux Pope, Mad Hatter, Ghosts, Sexy Jailbirds and Angels.

It was a panorama of panache with colors and glitz to the max. Everyone was especially friendly (a good quality for the loveless or lovelorn) and the good times rolled.

Most of us met potential mates (perhaps not love at first sight) but a valuable piece of self esteem on the go. There were buffet supper stations around the room with quite good food. This years’ Grand Prize was a four-day stay in Panama. Guests and Ghouls also got a free drink, appetizers and music that did not override conversation (a plus when you’re thinking more about social security than sex).

“I met a lot of men and had fun at the party. I also saw a lot of old friends,” said Lynne, who was taking business cards from male admirers on her way out of the club.

Leslie also enjoyed herself. The designer maven, who works at the mall, was dressed as a Queen of Hearts. Her black sequin mask, satin ruffled collar, top hat and corset waist frock with hearts made her a dreamers’ reality.

Beside the prizes – that were handed out on stage – there was dancing on every surface at Blue Martini. Since it was a mature crowd there was no table dancing (that I saw) but lots of swaying to the music on the stable nature of the floor.

“I saw so many friends I have not seen in years,” said Susan Goldstein. “I enjoyed the party and met a nice man who took my phone number. I also saw someone I dated years’ ago but he didn’t see me so I bolted.”

It seems Mr. Fox keeps perfecting his genius when it comes to getting people together. He continues his fight for the plight of our socialization skills. Let’s face it, we’re not kids anymore but we still want to have fun. And Fox knows how to make that happen.

“The party was laid back and a great deal. I got a drink and dinner and it was easy to talk to people. Everyone seemed to be having a great time,” said Susan, a property manager.

Susan was right. A good time was had by all.


(The next Steve Fox party is December 18 at Blue Martini)

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