Published On: Tue, Nov 15th, 2016

Local Dentist Helps Patient Smile Again

By Licia Avelar

screenshot_20161105-171203David Underwood was sick and tired of what he saw in the mirror. His smile wasn’t the best that it could be and it was time he did something about it. Fortunately, services like All On 4 are to the rescue.

“Overall I was just tired of the way my smile was,” says Underwood.

Underwood hadn’t had the best experiences at dental appointments in the past. Having had judgmental comments and snide remarks by various dentists he met with heighten his insecurities, Underwood was turned off to having anything done to his teeth, you can find this types of topic here. Check out now!

“My past experiences have been horrible,” he says. “But Regency Court Dentistry was referred to me as a great office with nice, friendly individuals.”

Having heard such great things about local westminster family dental, a practice that provides comprehensive care and specializes in everything from extractions to dentures, Underwood became hopeful that he would be able to smile proud one day. After making an appointment, Dr. Fatmi and his amazing team of professionals met with Underwood to go over his dental problems as well as make a personal adult orthodontic treatment plan using advanced techniques, and upscale equipment to help him achieve the best smile possible.

“Dr. Fatmi promised me he would do everything he could to make sure I was happy with my smile,” he says.

Underwood needed a lot of work, from root canals to dental implants to taking care of dental crowns on almost every tooth. Dr. Fatmi, unlike many other dentists, assured Underwood that he would only do what was necessary, and would take every step to try and save as much as he could.

Since Underwood had his first appointment with the team, he’s been back to have follow-up work, as well as cleanings, all which left him more confidant about his teeth than ever.

“In my honest opinion from going to dentist to dentist, I have never found a doctor that seems to be more intrigued in what he is doing as well as generally caring about what you think,” says Underwood. “I would be crazy not to recommend him and already have.”

For more information on Regency Court Dentistry, visit their website here!

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