Published On: Mon, Jun 27th, 2016

Thanks to Comprehensive Plan, This Patient Finally Gets Dental Treatment She Needed


By Licia Avelar

Sharon Eisenstein had recently moved into a new home when she found herself in the midst of a dental emergency. While moving furniture around, Eisenstein tripped, breaking her front two teeth on the ground. Those who also lost teeth due to an injury may consider getting dental implants to replace their missing teeth.

“I always had a difficult time dealing with having to go to the dentist,” explains Eisenstein. “But things changed.”

After conducting some online research, Eisenstein found Dr. Fatmi and his dental group. Dr. Fatmi and his team at Regency Court Dentistry provide comprehensive care and specialize in everything from extractions and root canals to denture and crown repairs. Along with offering many dental services, they believe in a personal approach; getting to know their clients and coming up with a treatment plan together.

“I called him first thing in the morning and he was immediately compassionate,” she says. “He dropped everything and met me very early at his office. From there, it is a wonderful history of professionalism, kindness, compassion and expertise.”

Eisenstein left with temporary front teeth and had a permanent set by 5 p.m. that day. She attributes the ease of her experience to the calmness and thoroughness of the dental office staff.

She continued her dental maintenance with Dr. Fatmi’s hygienist Sue every three months. It was a first for her. Prior to finding Regency Court Dentistry, she had only received dental maintenance every year at best.

Several months later, Eisenstein started Invisalign, a straightening system that uses invisible aligners to move teeth into place over the course of a year. The aim was to straighten her lower teeth to improve her bite. She commented that her Invisalign treatment was ‘exciting, and very comfortable,’ pointing out how she even stopped drinking coffee to keep her teeth from yellowing under the aligners.

Following its completion, she continued visiting the office for teeth whitening treatments. In addition, she had multiple veneers put in and had her cheek evened out with the cosmetic filler Juviderm. Call the Cavan dentist in town for your veneers inquiries.

“Not only was it painless, but it came out looking so natural. No one could ever tell.” Eisensteinwould recommend Dr. Fatmi not only because he is a calm and educated man but also because of his advanced techniques, upscale equipment and his amazing staff.

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