Published On: Thu, May 5th, 2016

What Does The City Council See For Downtown In 15 Years?

At the city council strategic planning meeting, the council was asked what they see for downtown in 15 years. Mayor Haynie says, she wants to see it finished. She wants to make it walkable for citizens. The focus needs to be on short and long term improvements with intersections, parking, and driving. Another problem she mentions is it is the spine to the Barrier Island and will still be in 15 years. Weinroth sees more common areas, friendly and green areas, and the buildings not lose character. Weinroth also does not agree with Scott Singers parking garage idea. Jeremy Rodgers, a city council member, wants to see people walking around, enjoying themselves. He still wants office space where people can work, but not pure residential. Singer agreed he does not see it residential. “Successful downtowns have a mix of both,” Singer says, “we need components of all, residential and working.” Singer and the Mayor also see a train station downtown in less than 15 years. The main ideas all members want to see is a walkable, uncongested downtown area.

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