Published On: Thu, May 5th, 2016

Plans For 20th Street Development

20th street development was brought up at the city strategic planning meeting. Most of the council agreed to where they saw 20th street in 15 years.


Weinroth sees the street as a cornerstone, a college centric area. With the university growing with 30-60 thousand more students, he wants to see student housing there, and activities there. “The city needs to plan for it,” says Weinroth, “and make sure public safety is a main concern because of the shooting in UPark.”


Scott Singer says he has yet to see an encouraging off campus housing. He talked with President Kelly and says there would be RA’s on the off campus housing to ensure safety. Singer also wants to see businesses, so we can retain people afterwards. He believes a good college environment and coffee shops are important. He does not want to run out single family homes, or make it dorm row, he wants to see a good balance.


Jeremy Rodgers says it is a college district. It should not be purely residential. It needs to recapture as many students as possible. 20th street needs to be family friendly and a high end, student friendly, walkable district.
Mayor Haynie sees 20th street as a vibrant college district, with a train station. It needs to support a walkable community, have entertainment, and make it a traditional, multifamily residential area. She would also like to see a boutique hotel for parents visiting.

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