Published On: Sun, May 8th, 2016

“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!”

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

In contemporary society, it’s extremely rare that any individual would bypass a mirror before starting the day in the presence of others. A mirror helps us see that we want to look to the outside world in the way we prefer and planned. One’s personal confidence is enhanced when a mirror reveals and confirms what we desire to see!

One problem, however, is that any mirror will only show one’s external appearance, for it cannot display a person’s inner condition. Yet, the way one feels on the inside inevitably is also manifested on the outside, at least in part. And that is a work which depends only on one’s self, not anybody else.

Cosmetics, as effective or costly as these products might be, cannot really conceal one’s internal disposition unless a disciplined life, a positive outlook, and a healthy mind totally devoid of worries and guilt, will help convey a sense of serenity, and the inner beauty should be there!

Nobody can bestow beauty on another. The truism that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is not always true, although some persons may recognize genuine beauty where others don’t! It’s true that one can acknowledge characteristics of true beauty in a person, apart from what any cosmetic wonder is capable of producing!

Whenever true beauty is perceived in another, it’s not exclusively physical in nature but just as potent and real. True beauty usually stems from within and is manifested outwardly, as other lives are attracted to a beautiful person, and tend to gravitate in that individual’s direction!

Be sure that consistently you recognize factors in your life that must be improved, attitudes which require change, besides other positive gestures which will accentuate what attracts you to others, as those desirable qualities, far more than mere looks or other extras keep you as an attractive personality. Beauty in humans is a feature that can be perennially restored, as each strives for a positive posture in all actions which are observed by many, and impact quite a few!  

As you look in the mirror each day, be grateful for what you see, and continue making the inner and outer improvements which decisively contribute to your influence in society, and offer the personal satisfaction you are entitled to enjoy in daily life!

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