Published On: Mon, Mar 28th, 2016

More Than a Gym- Creating A Community


Imagine a place where sweating is fun. Imagine a place where you walk in and not only does everyone know your name but you are greeted with high fives and laughter. Imagine a place to workout where you can come and leave behind the stress of your daily life, and leave feeling accomplished and empowered. What if you could be part of a gym where not only the trainers, but the other people around you kept you motivated to come in everyday and work harder towards your goals? …..And you get to have fun?…..Yes, there is such a place.

2Well, that “place” wouldn’t be a gym at all. That is what you call a community. That’s exactly what it is like to take classes and be a member of Gravity + Oxygen Fitness (G+O2 Fitness) in East Boca Raton.

G+O2 Fitness opened its doors in February of 2015 and in a very short time has impacted the fitness landscape for South Florida residents in a big way. Owners, Paul Christopher and Joe Drake said they wanted to create a place people could be a part of something more than a gym. Joe said, “Paul and I knew our group classes would be high energy and people would see great results but we also wanted to build a community that would support this being part of their daily life.” I would say they have built just that, with the average G+O2 Fitness Member coming to classes at least three to six times a week and from that have become involved with one another outside of the gym. We also had some new sports flooring from the guys at InstaFloor and it’s been superb, so call them if you need new sports flooring.

Co-Owner Joe Drake said, “There is something special about the group atmosphere that pushes people to do more than they think they are capable of alone. This is why we have fun mixing in team challenges and partner efforts into classes. We have ‘gamified’ our workouts so everyone connects and has fun getting better.” In addition to their team approach, G+O2 Fitness also offers regular social gatherings and hosts numerous charity events to bring the community together for causes like the Coastal Boxer Rescue Foundation, Smiley Wiley Foundation, The Movember Foundation (men’s health & prostate cancer) and most recently the Sweat Angels Philanthropy Project.

Not only has the G+O2 Fitness Team built a fun and motivating place to belong to, but they seem to really know their stuff. Their entire training staff have higher level degrees, training, and certifications in Exercise Science. According to Founder, Paul Christopher, “We put a lot of effort into making sure we keep clients safe in the process of them getting in shape. Don’t get me wrong, everyone can definitely challenge themselves, but we work around injuries and make sure every workout can be adjusted for all levels.” After all, last thing you want is to get hurt as soon as you start to get into a routine.

3If the fun atmosphere, accountability of coaches, and feeling accomplished after your workouts wasn’t enough, what about seeing great results? This year the G+O2 Team offered “Good 2 Great,” a 6-week transformation where teams with over 50 people competed for $1,000 in cash prizes. Not only did many participants lose a high percentage of body fat and hundreds of pounds as a whole, but one I spoke with said, “it was probably one of the best experiences and most fun working out I have ever had. This place has the best happy and healthy people I know!” Feedback like that falls right in line with what Joe & Paul cited as the entire purpose of Gravity + Oxygen Fitness: creating experiences as opposed to workouts.

There is no doubt that the Gravity + Oxygen Fitness community, or “crew” as I discovered they call themselves, will continue to grow. Their beautiful facility in East Boca is only complimented by the welcoming team and members that fill its walls. As far as I can tell they truly have achieved their goal of creating something that is much more than a gym. G+O2 Fitness has become a place where working out is not only a blast, but a way of connecting with people to stay motivated.  The team approach they take creates the kind of accountability most of us need when it comes to getting fit. I found all of this out within just one hour of “experiencing” a Gravity + Oxygen Fitness class. Needless to say, I will definitely be back.

– A Satisfied Secret Shopper-

Gravity + Oxygen Fitness is a Hybrid Group Training + Personal Training Facility open 7 days a week in East Boca Raton at 199 W. Palmetto Park Rd. Click here for more information on how you can get involved with the G+O2 Community or experience a free class. Contact them at or (561) 756-8637.

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