Published On: Thu, Mar 17th, 2016

Little Things Count a Lot!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

Never minimize the importance of small gestures, the power of supposedly insignificant things; most often these are the words that either make or break an opportunity, a friendship, or other experiences of greater import!

Learn to use your mouth effectively, with uplifting messages to people who, more than likely, need your input at the moment you utter your message to them, whether they are previously known to you or not.  Live daily with a sense of timing, with a desire to do some good for others, and with the ability to say or do something whose impact can be the greatest, and the most positive.

Daily our paths cross other persons’ lives and it doesn’t take long for us to recognize that this individual is having a hard time, for reasons unknown, but very real to the one enduring it. Without meddling into anybody’s private concerns, you can measure your greeting, any further words you address, and even a conversation you may carry on with someone.

Not too long ago, I was at the lobby of a large hospital, waiting for the return of a relative who had gone to another floor for a medical consultation. Momentarily interrupting my reading, while I waited, I noticed a middle-aged woman shining the floors of that major lobby. She was going up and down, right and left, doing her job faithfully, while being noticed by no one.

But I was observing her and the good quality of her work. Thus, when she came closer to where I was sitting, I smiled at her and simply said: “Because of your good work, this whole area is clean and shinny; many thanks for what you are doing for so many people!”

She smiled at me and whispered some thanks in her foreign accent, and proceeded on her work still carrying that smile. It was a very small, insignificant gesture on my part, but something I believe made a positive difference for her.

People like to be appreciated. Whatever the nature of their efforts, everyone should be thanked if and when such applause may be given another. This happens daily with restaurant servers, with supermarket cashiers, for store clerks who walk with us to an aisle or shelf helping us to find some item, to people who provide us information when we seek it from them at a busy street anywhere. Multiple are the examples of how we can encourage others in gratitude for what they are doing for the public in general, or specifically for us!

Even when someone dealing with us in any context, who happens to appear not so friendly, or even manifests some irritation, we should still be courteous and kind, for we don’t know the anguish they may be facing, any pain they may be feeling, any bad news they may have received that very day. Our kind words and gestures, our positive posture and disposition can make an indelible difference for good in a life. It costs us nothing, but its effect definitely adds great significance to another!

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