Published On: Thu, Mar 10th, 2016

Always Be On The Lookout!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

If you attempt to go anywhere with your eyes closed, you’ll most certainly stumble somewhere and fall, besides other possible disasters your lack of caution can cause. The same is equally true in our daily living in the world. It’s important that we always be on the lookout!

Live all your days with awareness of what is in front of you, what you’ve left behind, whatever surrounds you, and carve a safe path to lead you to where you need to be, so as to get there efficiently, doing much good while you’re en route as well as at your place of arrival.

The idea of always being on the lookout does not denote spy tactics. It’s also not to intrude or meddle into somebody else’s territory. The purpose should never be to force your way into somebody or something where you might not belong, or even be welcome!

I once read a significant challenge about two houses. One was filled with mirrors around all its walls; the other contained a great number of windows all over. The question was: What kind of house would you prefer to inhabit – the one filled with mirrors, where you would only look at yourself all the time, or a house with many windows, out of which you could contemplate the world, your surroundings, and the needs you could detect from that vantage point of viewing?

When I recommend to myself and my readers always to be on the lookout, my intent is precisely to urge us all to be sensitive to much that surrounds us, particularly the needs that expect from us possible solutions we may be able to provide.

The world requires more concerned people, more observant individuals, more persons in search of fresh opportunities to do good for the benefit of others. Everywhere countless fellow humans lack encouragement, both to proceed in the route where they find themselves, as well as to find new trajectories in life wherein challenges will be found through which needs may be met, seeds may be sown, and rich harvests may also be gathered.

Everybody is uniquely equipped with ideas and skills which, if transformed into positive action, can contribute significantly to improve other lives and, in the process, make this world a better place. Let us never minimize what we already have; let us simply find concrete ways of doing what we can, with what we already possess, for the benefit of others who need our personal deeds and contributions! Persons prepared to keep their eyes widely open, shall never miss new opportunities anywhere, to bless other lives in significant ways!

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  1. Moon says:

    In 2003 I went with other curates to Bungoma in Kenya for a short stay just 17 days, living with a Kenya family, at the time I had just celebrated my 60th birthday. Where ever I went during those 17 days, the Kenyan Christians greeted us with the words God is good all the time – all the time God is god2o&#82!1;. It was truly a memorable visit, and these words have sustained me, and helped me through some difficult years.Thank you for today’s message,

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