Published On: Mon, Feb 29th, 2016

What You Need for Whatever You Attempt!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

When you succeed at much, or at everything that you attempt, when you complete a great deal that’s on your wish list, the more likely explanation is probably found in a simple word, provided by the dictionary. And that word is known as personal “initiative.” This applies to the things you plan for yourself, and even more for what can impact many!

Always remember that you alone must go after the things you need and/or desire; only you can measure them. It’s you, and nobody else, that can determine with precision what you are after. The responsibility is solely yours to do everything necessary to secure what you know to be within your reach. Thus, don’t pass the buck, neither blame anybody else when such things don’t get done!

Once your objectives are clearly established, you need the initiative to proceed with all that’s necessary to arrive at the projected destination that will grant you what you desire, in the manner you want it, and with the characteristics you expect to find. Don’t just pronounce the word “initiative” but fulfill the demands that this term dictates!

Although initiatives will originate in your heart and mind, remember also that no one can do it all completely alone. But cooperatively, great projects can get off the ground, advance, and make an indelible difference for the good of countless others!

Moreover, initiative is something that should not be limited to one time only, or one project alone; it can and often should be perpetuated ceaselessly, especially when others shall unquestionably benefit from your efforts!  

In whatever you attempt, always remember that human need is ever present everywhere, and it increases much faster than it can be contained. Furthermore, what originates in a human heart, can also advance into neighborhoods, families, districts, cities, states, nations, and so on throughout the entire world.

Whatever begins simply, and small, has the potential of developing into something of enormous import, to advance a cause, to pioneer a new community project, to impact a large number of people and communities which can benefit from what is being accomplished.

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