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Delivery Dudes: Bringing Your Favorite Food to Your Doorstep

DD_BugBy Veronica Haggar

Delivery Dudes is a well-known delivery business in South Florida now a day. It all started back in late 2009 when founder and owner Jayson Koss was hungry at home, craving some good restaurant food but didn’t want to leave the comfort of his home.

“I was hungry and I did not want to get off my couch, basically that’s how I came up with the concept,” said Jayson Koss, founder of Delivery Dudes. “I had spent some time in New York, and this isn’t like a new concept, I by no means thought of the idea of delivering food to people,” explained Koss. “It’s really easy to get a lot of different restaurants to deliver in New York City, and what I noticed down here in Florida is that you could only get certain things, the basic pizza and the Chinese restaurants are the only places that offer delivery. Being in a city like Delray Beach that offers such great fine dining choices and good little local spots and none of them offer delivery, it was kind of like ‘I wish I could get some of these restaurants to deliver to me’ and that’s how I came up with it.”

Koss spent some time figuring out how to turn his idea into a reality and how to make it work. It wasn’t overnight, slowly but surely he succeeded, making Delivery Dudes the most trusted and the best food delivery service in Florida.

Jayson Koss“I was really young when I created Delivery Dudes, and it was one of those things where I just learned as I ducked and learned as I’ve grown,” expressed Koss. “It was something that just sort of grew and happen but it was by no means like a well thought out plan like ‘okay, now we are delivering food and I’m not really sure how to do this and we need thermal bags and I need to keep the food hot’,” confessed Koss. “It was really not well thought out but with trial and error and not accepting no for an answer and always driving to do the best and provide an amazing service and do good for the people that work here and for our customers that are ordering food is a number one priority.”

Today Delivery Dudes has partnered with exquisite restaurants, huge food chains, and local businesses, like Duffy’s, Maggiano’s Little Italy, Max’s Grille, Rocco’s Tacos, Tap 42, Firehouse Subs, Biergarten, Yard House, Whole Foods Market, Dubliner, Cut 432, and many more.

“We (Delivery Dudes) have separated ourselves from our competitors by focusing on attention on high end restaurant delivery,” said Koss. “It doesn’t mean that we don’t work with the local family shop, but what it means is that over time we’ve earn these people’s trust and respect and these are the people that care most about their food, and we have earned their trust in us to allow us to deliver their food and care for their food,” added Koss.

The whole process of earning the trust of upscale restaurants wasn’t easy but Koss never surrendered.

“I used to go in the restaurants and begged them for a chance to prove myself and say ‘please just give me an opportunity to prove myself, I don’t need money, I don’t need anything, all I want is an opportunity to earn your trust’,” said Koss.

Delivery Dudes started as a small local business back in the day, but it has been growing real fast ever since. Now taking orders from both small and big cities in different locations here in Florida, and has been expanding all the way to Tennessee, Colorado, Oregon, and Pennsylvania.

For Koss, the quality of the service is more important than the rapid growth of the business. He wants to make sure that wherever a Delivery Dude opens, they will commit to the business and give their best.

“The future for Delivery Dudes is to grow as efficiently as we possibly can,” said Koss. “What I mean when I say that is I want to grow, I want to continue to grow but I never want to sacrifice what Delivery Dudes is and the level of service that we provide to our customers,” declared Koss. “To be the best delivery service wherever we decide to go I guess would be our goal.”

Delivery Dudes also picks up from other restaurants they are not partnered with as long as they are within their delivery range. In this case, a 20% surcharge will be added on the total.

The order can be placed online or over the phone. The process is simple, once in the website, customers can chose their location and from there a list of restaurants and grocery stores that the Dudes are partnered with will show up. By clicking on the restaurant, the menu will appear and customers can also add comments and specifications as they place their order.

The standard cash delivery fee is $5 and if the payment is by credit card it’s $7. If the customer decides to order from multiple restaurants, each stop would be an additional $5.

Delivery Dudes encourages you to get creative and uses their services for whatever you need, whenever you need it. From groceries and snacks for a party, to ordering dinner after a movie with your special someone, the Dudes will be there for you. 



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