Published On: Wed, Nov 25th, 2015

Cosa Duci Artisan Italian Bakery & Cafe…Delizioso!

By Veronica Haggar

Cosa Duci Homemade Italian Bakery has been offering locals the most exquisite taste of Italy for 7 years, and hopefully it will continue to do so for many more.

“When you walk in you get that sense of nostalgia, it reminds you of home cooking, of family, it reminds you of your grandma’s cookies,” said Silvia Fausto, co-owner of Cosa Duci and daughter of founder Giovanna Cimino. “It is very artisan, we don’t use artificial ingredients, it’s just made how you would at home, from scratch.”

The cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, and heavenly Italian dishes and cookies make the customers feel at home.

“Our idea is really to do something you would find in Italy in a small bakery or cafe, they call it a ‘pasticceria’, which really is finger food and quick bites,” stated Fausto.

Cimino, owner of Cosa Duci, cooks the delightful food for the customers and she’s present at the bakery interacting with them all the time, creating a special bond with the customers.

“We really don’t have a menu, every day whatever my mom feels like cooking, that’s what we serve,” expressed Fausto. “We post the menu online in the morning at 9 am, we tweet the menu, and we put it on Facebook. We have a lot of followers who look every morning to see what we’re cooking,” continued Fausto. “It’s always whatever is fresh that day, and what my mom feels like cooking, So that’s like our special signature.”

Cosa Duci is a family business that started out for one important reason, to raise money to donate for research of multiple sclerosis (MS) in hope to find a cure.

“Well the main reason is my brother has multiple sclerosis and we donate a portion of our proceeds to MS, to research for MS,” said Fausto about the motivation to start the business.

Before Cosa Duci, Cimino already had a lot of experience in the baking world as she was an employee at Whole Foods Markets, where she first showed off her baking skills. For Cimino baking is not just work, it’s her passion.

“Everyday she will bring her own recipes in, bring cookies and things like that,” affirms Fausto. “One day one of the men said ‘oh, we should sell your biscotti at Whole Foods’ so it got her thinking and we created a small location where we started production for Whole Foods, so we sell to Whole Foods Markets all over Florida now,” continued to explain Fausto “We sell cookies and cakes to them, and little by little it just grew into this little cafe and we do production in the back.”

Cosa Duci also provides a catering menu for to-go foods, and they do baskets and breakfast arrangements as well.

“It’s not for picky eaters, you have to have an open mind and you have to love Italian food,” confessed Fausto.

Walking into the bakery feels like being transported to an Italian home, maybe like a family house in Sicily, Italy, where Cimino is from.

“A lot of the furniture here has been given to us from customers and really I mean a lot of it,” said Fausto. “We try to keep it very homey, it’s home decorated, vintage furniture.”

A trip to Italy might be a little expensive. A trip to Cosa Duci can make you feel both in Italy and at home while eating the most delightful dishes, just right here in Boca.


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