Published On: Fri, Nov 13th, 2015

Boca Raton Residents Speak on Wildflower Property via Boca Raton Tribune Survey


photo by: Veronica Haggar


By: Veronica Haggar

Hillstone’s proposal to lease the Wildflower property has been recently debated during a council meeting, in which the public’s opinions favors the construction of a park in the property instead of a restaurant.

While most of the opponents of the restaurant proposal are citizens residing in the surrounding properties of the Wildflower, most agree that a park would be very convenient and would actually give the property a better use for the community. Traffic and parking is the main concern of the residents in the area and why most believe a restaurant shouldn’t be built in the property.

A survey conducted by The Boca Raton Tribune last week in which locals were asked their opinion on what the city should do with the Wildflower property shows that 21.96% of the participants agree it should be leased to an outside company to build a restaurant, 60.28% voted for a park to be built, and 17.76% voted “other” specifying their proposals and ideas in the comments.

The comments left by the participants who voted for the option of “other” suggests that some would be willing to accept the restaurant proposal if the restaurant and the concept were different.

“A restaurant is a good idea as long as you find the right restaurant. As a person that was born and raised in Boca I can tell you nobody wants another Houston’s,” stated David, one of the participants of the survey. “Boca needs something unique and family/boater friendly. We want a place you can dock you boat and have a casual lunch, not a place that serves a $16 hamburger. I can’t imagine docking with kids in bathing suits eating at Houston’s,” continued to explain the participant. “Besides we already have one in Boca and there’s one on the water in Lauderdale. I suggest a more thorough search for a restaurant, but if you can’t find the correct option then you’re better off with a park. They city did a great job with its parks like Sugar Sand. Lastly, don’t rule out another boat ramp.”

Many participants like both ideas mixed up in a more casual concept, like a park with food trucks.

“Incorporate a park that can be altered to fit restaurants, food trucks and public activities,” said Isabel, another participant of the survey. “Prime locations don’t just benefit the city, developers, architects, but presents an opportunity to activate the urban fabric of Boca Raton to manifest a true identity of culture for optimal quality of pedestrian interaction.”

Building up the Houston’s restaurant in the property, however, means the city would earn back the $7.5 million that has been spent on the development of the property. Changing the deal, making a park instead of a restaurant, would not help the city to produce enough money to cover the investments.

Below are the survey results:

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  1. Les Wilson says:

    Does anyone know if Red Reef, South Beach and the other water front Boca Parks were held to the same metric of having to generate revenue to cover the investment? Did they eventually become profit centers?

  2. All the beaches charge money, via purchasing a sticker, or daily basis..thus revenue generating for maintaining. And the golf course also charges. By now i am assuming we have paid off the beach investment. Houstons could go where the old Sun and Surf beach club was, east side of A1A, north of golf course , at the end of Red Reef. Perfect location, city owns he area already, and who wouldn’t LOVE an ocean view for breakfast? You could walk, drive, ride a bike. And there is already parking which is hardly used that formerly belonged to S & S . Wildflower property is probably the last piece of vacant land located next to a bridge on the intracoastal in all Palm Beach County. It belongs to the citizens and should be only a park. Why do we have to concrete everything?

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