Published On: Thu, Jul 30th, 2015

Schneblies: Art That Does More Than Make People Smile.


By:Stephanie Cornwell      

We are constantly warned that if we, as a community, fail to take care of our environment, then it will suffer.

The efforts made to increase recycling, water conservation and decrease pollution have helped to inform the public on what they can do to protect wildlife and their homes.

Although we are reminded everyday to be conscious, it is easy to forget how important protecting the environment is.

Susie Sheftel, a former art teacher from Massachusetts, created a product that makes people smile and helps give back to the community.

Sheftel, being the creative and artsy person that she is, has always loved to doodle. So, in 1999, when she first drew her small frog character, she did not think anything of it.

After many of her friends saw the animation and raided about how cute it was, Sheftel knew that her frog could stand for more.

In 2007, Sheftel designed a frog charm, found a manufacturer in the United States, and began selling Schneblie necklaces on the go. “I was asked daily for one” Sheftel says, “Schneblie is art that makes people happy.”

Sheftel soon realized that Schneblie not only made a trendy accessory, but that it could remind people to love the environment and be cautious of damaging it.

Frogs are one of the fastest disappearing animals on the planet, so using this animal as a reminder of the environmental crisis seemed appropriate.

Long-time friend of Sheftel and frequent Schneblie customers, Ilene Turbow, immediatley supported the Schneblie idea. She states that “People have ideas all of the time, but this one had legs.”

In 2009, Sheftel began having Schneblie products sold in stores in Arizona and South Carolina.

Currently, Sheftel sells Schneblie necklaces, paintings and notecards. She is working on creating calendars and expanding the Schneblie line. All Schneblie products cost between $35 and $165.

Schneblie helps the environment in more ways than just reminding people to be eco-friendly. Twenty percent of all proceeds made from Schneblies is donated to Gumbo Limbo.

Gumbo Limbo is a beacon for environmental education, research and conservation. This is a 20 acre barrier island that works to protect natural resources, and provides refuge for many plants and animals.

Sheftel has always admired Gumbo Limbos efforts to help the planet. Before moving to Boca Raton, Sheftel would come down and visit Gumbo Limbo, often making donations.

Her goal is to one day be able to donate Sixty percent of all proceeds to Gumbo Limbo.

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