Published On: Wed, Jun 17th, 2015

Concert Spotlight: Lana Del Rey

By: Megan Shea

Lana Del Rey at Coral Skies Amphitheatre// Photo taken by Cady Biagiotti

Lana Del Rey at Coral Skies Amphitheater// Photo taken by Cady Biagiotti

West Palm Beach’s Coral Skies Amphitheater was Lana Del Rey’s last stop on her Endless Summer tour, promoting her most recent and third album, Ultraviolence, produced by Black Keys front-man Dan Auerbach. The tour concluded with a total of twenty shows over the course of two months.

Formerly known as Cruzan Amphitheater, the venue was completely sold out- a feat I wouldn’t put past Del Rey in retrospect, but hadn’t seen done before. The lawn was completely packed and of course, the traffic spoke to the volumes of people in attendance.

As someone who could only put a name to a handful of Del Rey’s songs, I went into the concert knowing little more than I liked her airy, haunting sound. I was weary of all the hype and bought my ticket last minute after begrudgingly paying $50 for a lawn seat. Spoiler: well worth the fifty bucks. It is possible to get past all the flower crowns and shrieking girls, I promise.

One of the most notable aspects of Del Rey’s concert was her distinguishing, somewhat indescribable stage presence. She has an air of confidence and glamorous melancholia to her and her work. Her mysterious, sometimes sorrowful voice carried to envelop such a large venue. She commanded complete attention from the crowd while belting vocals that, in my opinion, were even more impressive live- something that took me by complete surprise. Slower songs created a level of intimacy with the crowd usually foreign to such big venues.

She also gave a nod to South Florida, playing “Florida Kilos,” which is rarely performed live and ended up being a personal favorite. The set list showcased some of her more popular new songs, while paying homage to  older favorites, like “Video Games,” “Summertime Sadness,” and “Born to Die.”

The stage setup in and of itself was worth commending. Dramatic, illuminated city skylines and classic Hollywood  signs were reminiscent of the 1950’s Hollywood feel that sets her apart. Vacation-y, smooth vocals were accompanied by guitars that are more absent in her studio work, further speaking to her ability to play to large audiences.

In typical Lana Del Rey fashion, there was no encore, ending her tour commenting on an upcoming album to be released soon.

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