Published On: Wed, Jun 24th, 2015

10 Things To Bring To College

By: Megan Shea


So you’ve got a daunting list of things you need to take with you to college in the fall and you don’t know where to start. Fortunately for you, we’ve got a condensed list of a few things you might consider packing.

1. Bicycle

This contraption both combats the freshman fifteen while getting you to class faster. College kids love a good value, right?

2. Your perfect bedding

It’s no secret that dorm living isn’t exactly an upgrade from home, so invest in some comfortable bedding. Foam mattress pads, comfortable sheets, and designs that suit you can make your small space a haven after a long day (for those days that sleep is actually attainable).

3. Plastic Drawers 

Let’s take a moment to address the fact that you and I both know that small closet space just won’t cut it. Some extra storage can keep you organized and allow you begin to possibly fit all those clothes.

4. Extra outlets

Because there’s the lamp, your speaker, your phone, your computer, and just about every other thing that requires a charge.

5. A stocked medicine cabinet

Don’t wait until you’re sick to address this one- keep yourself stocked with Tylenol for that (studying-induced, of course) headache.

6. Coffee maker

“I don’t like coffee” just isn’t a valid answer anymore. Those all-nighters don’t occur off sheer endurance and perseverance.

7. Cleaning supplies

I know, you “don’t need”/”won’t use” these. A situation will arise at some point though that even your freshly-independent self will need to swallow your pride to address.

8. Mirror

Because some days, you’ll actually care what you look like. I might suggest a full-length one.

9. Laundry bag/supplies

Because unfortunately, our mothers can’t do our laundry forever. If you need convenient laundry cleaning and laundry delivery service, you might want to try mobile payment laundry cleaning.

10. A good speaker

If you’re always listening to music like myself, a good speaker is a necessity. You’ll need something to distract inspire you to study anyway.

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