Published On: Fri, Jan 16th, 2015

First World Problems: The Boca Edition

By: Megan Shea

Because life in Boca Raton is plagued by hardships. Problems like world hunger and nuclear destruction seem so distant when we have so much to worry about here.

1. It takes more gas to find a parking spot at FAU than it does to actually get there.


It’s not like you left on time for class anyway. Now this?

2. When the movie you’re looking to see isn’t at iPic yet.


You just might have to settle for the dreaded, plebeian Cinemark.

3. When you get stuck behind a snowbird on I-95.


They’re going 30 mph and you need to make it to your morning coffee before you’re late… to Town Centre opening its doors.

 4. Florida’s bipolar weather patterns.


In a matter of five minutes, the heavens opened up and seized your perfect beach day. Now you’ll just have to go to the tanning beds.

5. Not getting off school/work when a hurricane hits.


Part of you really wanted that tropical storm to turn into the next hurricane Andrew. You knew it was wrong.

6. Burning yourself on your leather seats when you get in your BMW/Lexus/Mercedes/any other “standard” car.


You could have sworn those were third degree burns.

7. Even the fast food is expensive. 


Did you know Boca is home of the $100 burger? I rest my case.




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