Published On: Thu, Oct 30th, 2014

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douglas news 1We at the Boca Raton Tribune always strive to bring you the most relevant news to our readers in the most efficient way as possible. Our staff is composed of hard workers who have your best interests in mind as they look for what’s important to bring to your attention. What people aren’t entirely aware of is the fact that not all of these staffers are actual employees of our company, but are interns.

We are very proud of the internship program that we provide to both college and high school students. They become involved with our paper from day one and aren’t given menial tasks like making photocopies or fetching coffee. The interns do various jobs from managing our website to writing impressive articles, and we will not be where we are today without their help.

However, providing such a program is not something that happens cheaply. As you are all aware, we are a free newspaper; all our funding for the paper comes from advertisements and generous donations from our beloved readers and partners. The internship program, however, is paid by ourselves, thus our interns receive a more limited amount of resources than we would like. We are only able to provide space for a few students at a time. We wish to expand the program to give an even greater amount of students a chance to experience the world of journalism.

We are currently running a fundraiser to raise some money for the program. We have raised $775 so far for our interns, but we would greatly appreciate any more donations. You can donate here. The campaign ends on November 6th of this year, so please donate as soon as you can. With your help, we can provide an even better environment for our interns to learn and grow while they are in our care.

Thank you for all of your generosity, You can find more information on the internship program here.

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