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Coming Soon: A New Boca Raton Tribune

douglas news 1By: Douglas Heizer

The Boca Raton Tribune is growing; we are evolving our newspaper.

Through monthly inserts and slimmer weekly print editions, we are moving ourselves into the digital age of journalism. We’ve spent the past month meeting over coffees and passing around ideas on what we can do to improve for you.

We are a community paper and we have come up with ideas that we will be implementing to foster the community.

Fewer press releases, more news. By cutting down from 32 page to now only 20, the clutter of news will be trimmed to just the news that matters to the city and our readers.

By trimming our print edition and creating inserted sections to lighten the print load, we will be able to focus on not only our web presence, but on the type of news we deliver to you on our weekly printed edition.

Instead of having Section B, Sports, Business and other sections all in the paper, we will put them all together in the smaller printed edition, and have special monthly inserts for each category.

For example, our entertainment section, Section B, will be a monthly insert filled with local events, with a calendar for the month, society notes by Charlotte Beasley, and of course our fantastic movie reviewer, Skip Sheffield with his always great takes on movies and plays that are coming to town.

We will also have a focused Business section in which local business stories, and exclusive interviews will be put together to showcase the best of businesses Boca Raton has to offer.

Our sports section will be revamped in the coming months. With more High School, Little League, Recreational Leagues, and local College Sports, the Tribune’s sports section will work closely with High School and College students to get news directly from the source.

We are starting a special High School internship program in which students will be writing stories about not only their school’s sports teams, but their campus life altogether. These new stories about high schools and colleges will also be a new monthly insert called The Campus Tribune, where students from all the local high schools and colleges will be able to go to read the latest happenings around their campuses.

We are also going to be releasing an app in the near future where you will be able to read The Boca Raton Tribune and see events going on throughout the city for the month. The app, which we will debut in 2015, will be your portal to our community.

Lots of new and exciting changes are happening at The Boca Raton Tribune and we are very excited to begin sharing them with all of our readers however while we will be working our hardest we need your help to make this all become a reality. Keep sharing your feedback, keep reading, and we will do our best to make the transition as easy as possible.

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