Published On: Thu, Oct 23rd, 2014

Cancer Treatment Centers Headquarters moved to Boca

By Kathryn Wohlpart

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has moved their national headquarters to Boca Raton to join several other companies with corporate offices in the area. CTCA will be receiving $2.4 million in incentives for job creation in Boca Raton.

Palm Beach County and Boca Raton’s commissions will be splitting $375,000 evenly as their contribution to CTCA’s incentive package. The state will foot the rest of the $2 million.

“Of course it’s a two way street, so what are the requirements for CTCA to obtain the grant funding?” said County Commissioner Steve Abrams. “They are required to relocate or hire 225 employees over a 5 year period and then they have certain wage levels that they have to meet so I think it is like 90000$ average wage and the jobs have to be maintained for a certain number of years and […] the county obligation is not paid out until those goals are achieved.”

The incentives paid out to CTCA will be done as certain phases in their hiring process are completed. So far, 44 jobs have been created and CTCA will continue to grow in Boca Raton over the next five years.

The incentives being paid out may seem large but Abrams believes that the money will return a strong investment in the community.

“[CTCA has] also agreed, in this case, they’re going to [be] making a $15 million capital investment either building a [new] building or renovating [an old space],” said Abrams.

A small spin-off business will also open more job positions to the CTCA family. CTCA Chief Talent and Experience Officer Devin Carty said that they are hoping to expand the family out to Boca Raton locals because the area is such a “talent hub”

CTCA teamed up with a local charity to get involved in the community and plans to continue making community involvement a priority in Boca Raton.

“We really had a conversation on ‘what do we want to be here,’ and this is how we operate in every one of the communities where we serve: getting out, serving the community, volunteering and really just being a part of the community in any way that we can,” said Carty. “And just as we show compassion to our patients that come to our hospitals we want to show that same compassion, love, and dedication to the communities that we serve and that is what our employees and our stakeholders are all about.”

The cancer treatments offered by CTCA reflect a “holistic approach” according to their website. Carty said that there is more to what makes up CTCA’s standards than the kinds of treatments offered. According to Carty, CTCA practices a “mother’s standard of care” which developed from the companies origins.

“Our founder really laid this out with his promise to his mother and is really why we exist…this is something where every patient we treat as though they were our own mother or loved one,” said Carty.

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