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10 Life Lessons Robin Williams Taught Us

By: Megan Shea and Kristen Altus

After a 40-year-long acting career, Robin Williams died at the age of 63 on Monday.  His passion for his work brought ineffable joy to everyone who watched his films. A tragic and shocking loss for all, Williams left us with some of the most memorable movie moments and taught us life lessons.

1. Put trust into everything you do.

robin williams acceptance


2. You can make an impact on everything and everyone around you. 

Robin Williams Change Gif


3. Carpe Diem.

Robin Williams Death Gif


4. Always look for a silver lining. 

Robin Williams Good stuff gif


5. Be open to the insight others provide you.

Robin WIlliams Love gif


6. Don’t lose sight of what matters most.

Robin Williams Poetry Gif


7. Embrace the inevitable. 

robin williams death


8. Be proactive.

robin williams strive


9. Your greatest obstacles have already been conquered.

robin williams obstacles


10. Always be willing to approach things with a different perspective. 

Robin Williams Perspective Gif

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