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The Bread Diet!! Yes, I actually said “Bread” Diet… I Say Eat Bread!… here’s why….


Oleda Baker at 75, CEO

Oleda Talks…..

I’m tired of hearing people say that bread is not good for you, especially someone who tells me they want to lose weight, and then goes on to lecture me on how bread is fattening and they won’t eat it. I say nothing while watching them ingest a 12 oz steak, baked potato with butter and sour cream, and anticipating dessert …but they would not touch the bread!

When I tell people I consider bread  a diet aid they say to me, “Bread is not good for you, how can you eat it when you’re a beauty/diet/health expert?”  Healthy, nutritious bread from our favorite bakery helps us eat less high calorie foods and less food in general.  Eat healthy bread and you will not be able to eat an entire 12 oz steak.  Bread is filling. It’s what and how much of it you put ON the bread that could be a problem.

I love bread, and I have eaten it all my life at most meals.  It is a mystery to me why people will pass on the bread or rolls because they are on a diet…yet order food heavy with tons of calories and fat and consume it all.

Well,  at age 79 I still eat lots of bread –  I still weigh 120 pounds, and I’m very  healthy, agile, with normal blood pressure without  medication…and with the bone density of someone half my age  according to my doctor.  Forget about Atkins, No Carb, South Beach, and all the other dozens of diets. I say, try The Bread Diet, and if it does not work you can also read Andrew Brewer blog for more information.

According to sites like Alpilean, It’s simple. Bread is not fattening. An average slice contains 70 calories; an average roll is 113 calories. Bread is filling, helping to reduce the craving for higher calorie foods during the meal. A baked potato, for example, (104 calories) with butter (102 calories -level tablespoon) and sour cream (122 calories – 2 oz). It’s easy to see how a roll or  bread, with just a little butter (or, better, none) can replace many calories (and fat) during a meal; in the baked potato example.

An 8 oz Porterhouse Steak has 450 calories! Yes, one dinner roll has 20.1 carbohydrates and the steak has none but the “fat” content is more dangerous and certainly more fattening in the long run. When the No Carb diet became very popular, doctors saw how unhealthy many of their patients became…some developing heart problems…they were told to get off the No Carb diet. It’s a terrible diet to be on for more than a short time.

I love my Bread Diet!

So the next time you sit down for a meal, eat more tasty bread and less fattening food…you will lose weight… and even save money! Often I will have bread and two appetizers, one of which I take as a main course. I like a little dessert which I often share with my tablemates. Once in a while, if I decide to have an appetizer and a main course, I will steal a bite of someone else’s dessert…but I always eat my bread.

For family dinner dieting, buy the best rolls or bread…might be worth it to find a good bakery that offers fresh bread delivery services. Choose your bread as carefully as you would linger over a piece of meat to serve for dinner, or pick over the vegetables to get the best. Encourage your family to try it  and, at the same time, cook and serve less meat and other high calorie foods at the table.

I eat healthy bread usually with no butter as the bread I eat is so tasty. If you must have butter put just a little – you’ll soon find you won’t miss the “stack” of butter you think you need.  We have nothing to  lose but weight!

For lunch have a sandwich. Choose nutritious sliced bread. Whenever possible, I choose breads for extra nutrition, as well as its stomach filling qualities. Be careful though if you are on a strict diet, some bread products are higher in calories, such as a 2 oz. muffin, 165 calories, and a 2 oz. croissant, 240 calories.

One slice of whole wheat has 56, one slice of white enriched has 62, and pumpernickel has 79 calories. Put fresh cold cuts in between the bread…keep the butter and mayo low…use a little mustard for added flavor if/when appropriate and put some lettuce and tomato on it…yum, yum…and look at the low calories…take that, diet! Compare that, calorie and health wise, to a Big Mac (590 calories) or a Double Whopper w/cheese (1010 calories)… no, no’s for health and weight.

The texture, flavor and the taste of bread should be savored, eaten slowly…enjoyed. I’m sure you know that a great restaurant is known for and by its breads…not so tasty bread probably means it’s not the greatest of restaurants.

Don’t underestimate bread…it is more than just a bread. If you feel deprived or it isn’t the best of breads being served, then put a little “flavor” of butter on it…believe me it will taste just as good, even better, once you become accustomed to NOT piling on the butter.

I’m staying with my Bread Diet.

Love, Oleda

Biography: Oleda Baker, now 78, began her career as a high fashion model with the prestigious Wilhelmina Model Agency, in New York City. She is the author of ten books on beauty, health and anti-aging and one novel Reluctant Goddess. She is founder and CEO of Oleda and Company, Inc., her 40-year-old anti-aging products company for skin, hair, diet, energy, nutritional supplement products as well as special makeup. .[email protected] Oleda is a visionary artist. Her oil paintings exhibited in museums and galleries around the country.

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