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Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club

Heart Phoenix, mother of Juaquin and River, spoke at the recent meeting of the Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club in Boca Raton on January 11th. 

The next luncheon meeting of the Tiger Bay Club will be Monday, March 3with Dr. Gershon Baskin, author of “The Negotiator” as well as the initiator and person responsible for the secret back channel between Israel and Hamas that successfully negotiated the release of the Israeli abducted soldier, Gilead Schalit.

Reservations may be made by visiting www.goldcoasttigerbayclub.comand clicking on the event registration page to RSVP or call 561.852.0000.

1. Heart Phoenix and Barry Epstein Heart Phoenix and Barry Epstein


2. David Goldstein David Goldstein 

3. Sherrie Raz, Alvin Lloyd Brown, Heart Phoenix, David Goldstein Sherrie Raz, Alvin Lloyd Brown, and David Goldstein

4. Ron Korn, Lowell Levine, Jim Notter, Fred Stern Ron Korn, Lowell Levine, Jim Notter, and Fred Stern 

5. Arlene Herson, Joanne Epstein Arlene Herson and Joanne Epstein 

6. Curtis Olshansky, Ed Smith Curtis Olshansky and Ed Smith

7. Donald Shelton, Nancy Hite, Dr. Michael Salit Donald Shelton, Nancy Hite, and Dr. Michael Salit 

8. Jay Scheiner, Pamela Hall Jay Scheiner, David Goldstein, and Pamela Hall 

9. Barry and Joanne Epstein, Larry Katz Barry Epstein, Joanne Epstein, and Larry Katz 

10. David Goldstein, Heart Phoenix, Julia and Dale King, Jill Selden David Goldstein, Heart Phoenix, Julia King, Dale King, and Jill Selden 

*Photography by Jeffrey Tholl

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