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What I Learned From My Mother About God

By Douglas Heizer

Several things we learn from our mothers. Truthfully, thanks to them, we walk our first steps in life. They worry about us and treat us with kindness, even after we are adults.

I was able to learn a lot about God from my mother. In fact, she gave me more practical lessons than theology. As a matter of fact, I could say 99% practical and 1% theological. I learned from her, everyday of our lives, while she raised my sister and me with difficulties. Thank God, I must be very honest that the lessons have not ended yet. My mother continues to teach me with her love, about God, every single day.

GOD IS LOVE: It was the first lesson I learned from my mother. I learned that there was someone who loved me more than she did (and that is something very hard for mothers to believe, the daughters’ in law can tell that). Someone who wished and planned my birth more than she and my father did. Someone who already had a purpose for my life, even before she thought I could exist. He always wants the best for me, treats me with the kindness only possible to God. In the hardest moments of our lives, my mother never lost her belief that God loves us.

GOD WILL ALWAYS BE WITH ME: He will never leave me on my own. My mother taught me that too. Every morning, when I woke up to go to school, or better, when she woke me up to go to school, she taught me to be sure that God would be with me each moment of my day. He would be with me going down the stairs, crossing the street, getting together with my friends at school (and also with the ones that were not so close). Even after she separated from my father, when I was 11 years old, she guaranteed me that God would always be with us that He would not leave us on our own.

Many and many struggles! But my mother was always certain that God was in charge. I then learned that God would be with me my entire life. If I was in any kind of difficulty, whatever it would be, I could be tranquil because He would never leave me by myself, he would show me the best path and teach me.

GOOD LISTENS TO ME: God is always ready to listen to me. As a matter of fact, He really wants to listen to me. Although I know that He is able to do all, He wants to hear from my mouth what I need, He wants to know that I trust Him, He wants to know what worries me, what I plan for the future. How many hours, my mother, my sister and myself spent talking to God! Honestly I don’t remember of one single night that we would not speak to God. Our conversation was very frank, with an open heart and I learned that God listened to us for sure! That is why I am certain that He is always ready to listen to me. And I do not miss the opportunity.

GOD SPEAKS WITH ME: I also learned that God speaks with me, always. I don’t need to wait for something marvelous or pyrotechnical. He speaks through simple ways, not only complicated ways. One thing is for sure, he always speaks to me. I just need to keep alert to listen to what he tells me. I saw my mother making decisions because she listened to God, I saw that He really had spoken to her. I learned then to listen to God! What a wonderful thing ! Several times He spoke to me through the weirdest and different ways; through a boy on the street looking for a place to stay, through a comment that I heard on the line at the bank, in other instances through a very humble person making a comment that I would never imagined to hear. Incredible the ways God spoke to me! Shame that a lot of people wait for something supernatural in order to hear God and forget that our everyday lives are more than supernatural, and God uses all of it. God speaks through pain and unpleasant situations, that a lot of times, because we are a stubborn son, we do not listen to him before making decisions. If I learn to listen to him, He is ready to teach me and guide me every day. Do you think I want anything different?

GOD IS FAIR AND TAKES CARE OF ME: My mother taught me that God is fair. I should trust to him the justice. But also, by Him, wait to be judged. I learned that He sees my heart and not what I say or do. I learned that he will always judge me every day and that‘s why I must seek to follow his commandments. I learned that nobody escapes from God’s justice. I should not worry if I am injusticed, slandered, offended, my God will come to my defense; the battle is the Lord’s. He will guard me each day of my life.

GOD HAS A PLAN: Because he loves me, He has only one plan for me! Therefore he gave me a digital that is just mine, a DNA, only mine, He made me unique! He drew me a plan that only I can achieve. Now it leaves me to be certain of that plan. In order to do that, I must talk to him, trust His justice and be ready to listen to Him! I can be sure that He will never abandon me and no matter what happens, He will not give up the plan He has for me.

And most importantly, GOD IS FAITHFUL and I can truly count on His promises.

I thank Him for the mother He gave me, for His loyalty, for the plan He has for my life, He chose her, knowing that she would have a very difficult boy to raise! After all, that is part of His plan for her life!

To all mothers, and especially to my Mom Elza, have a Happy Mother’s Day!


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