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Disappointments Are Part of Life!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr. 

Each human life should operate according to a sound plan that helps produce good results. Every individual can experience a purposeful life if plans are in place for the hoped-for outcomes. The good one desires and expects never comes by the mere wish one intensely manifests!

Even then, plans also fail, however good and solid they may be! What was expected to bring certain advantages can sometimes produce the very opposite.

Obviously, no one ever plans a disappointment as something they eagerly anticipate; people actually avoid such experiences as much as they can. Yet, by what is done or not done ahead of time, frustrations come, disappointments often emerge, becoming an unwelcome reality to be confronted and dealt with in the best possible fashion!

The fact that disappointments always occur in a person’s earthly trajectory should not give anyone the excuse for inaction with respect to them. Some may be avoided ahead of time, while all can be dealt with creatively once they invade one’s human experience. A mere acceptance of the inevitable unpleasantness is no sign of strength but of weakness, since obstacles most often can be overcome. There are resources which God makes available and which human intelligence can utilize!

Someone has wisely stated that much that life sometimes forces on us as an unpleasant surprise, is there either to change us for the better, or for us to change it with carefully secured means to overcome the undesirable situation we encounter. Nothing should be allowed to paralyze us in our trajectory toward something better in life!

Every challenge demands a corresponding action! Some problems may arise due to our own poor choices, while others affect us adversely on account of somebody else’s human error, or evil intent. In any case, we should not focus on the barriers represented by any disappointing experiences, but lift our gaze above and beyond them where new paths open up for our continued adventure!

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