Published On: Fri, Feb 1st, 2013

Choose Peace as Your Best Weapon!

By: Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

You may be permitted to carry a weapon, but you are not authorized to use it at random. With or without any such tools, never start a fight; peace is always attainable if that is your ultimate aim!  Pursuing a positive, conciliatory path is the most preferable action in any circumstance a human faces. Indeed, peace is the best weapon for you to employ at all times, whether as an individual or as citizen of a nation!

Your insecurity will never disappear nor diminish, if you turn your weapons indiscriminately at others, just because you are scared and feel unsafe. Being mad at somebody else is no reason to act irrationally. Such attitudes, instead, only lead to battles that no one else but you alone provoked!

Peace, whether among nations, or between individuals, with family members or acquaintances, will never be secured through intimidation and a belligerent spirit. Much less can that be the case by the improper use of any other provocative weapons at your disposal, such as a vengeful attitude and improper verbiage.

An additional, wise posture to observe at all times is the reasonable, wise command from ages past, which instructs: “Seek peace and pursue it” (Psalm 34:14b cf. I Peter 3:11). It’s in the human heart that peace is born, develops, and makes its impact!

It is there also that bad feelings, the spirit of retaliation and other negative emotions originate, can also be obliterated for the benefit of whoever harbors such attitudes, and also anyone else who could become their victims!

Therefore, concentrate your best efforts on peace, not conflict! Avoid a combative mood. Save your energy for necessary battles, not the ones you choose due to your own insecurity. Lashing out at others “is sometimes symptomatic of other frustrations,” as author Ken Sade suggests in his excellent book, “The Peacemaker.”

If you concentrate on vengeance or getting even, you shall never have the mind nor the necessary strength to seek reconciliation, which is the right road to take. Your entire inner being would become adversely affected by your unforgiving attitude.

Furthermore, that ugly disposition prevents the resolution of any conflict but, instead, it increases its intensity, and worsen the chances of a reasonable reduction and elimination of tensions!

Weapons which inevitably hurt, maim, or kill should be avoided altogether, and by every possible means. Using peace as the rightful weapon shall achieve far better,   enduring, edifying results!

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