Published On: Sun, Dec 23rd, 2012

One Christmas to Remember…

by Douglas Heizer


Christmas is always a very special time for my family and me. It’s the season that we love the most. It’s amazing for us to celebrate the birthday of the Baby who changes our lives and our world.

This year, we have a

new “family member,” a 4 month-old pug named Buddy. He is actually Pedro’s dog, but likeDixie, who is Andre’s boxer, they belong to the whole family because everybody loves them as our own.


Watching him during these past few days has become important for me because it helps me to relax. He is so funny! Sometimes, I wish I could be a dog just to talk with him and explain to him that he mustn’t poop on the living room carpet. I also want to alert him that he will die if he eats any of Dini’s shoes.

My mom came to be with us during the holidays and she is already looking to buy a big purse to kidnap him when she goes back home. My sister and her husband along with my niece have come this year as well. My brother-in-law is a veterinarian and Buddy seems to know that and tries to run away from him because he is constantly afraid of undergoing an examination.

I really want to be a dog to tell Buddy that my brother-in-law won’t hurt him; he just wants to make sure he is healthy.

This is exactly what’s happening with us. God is always trying to speak with us, but look what mankind does. They pay no attention to

God, even though he sent his Son to us in the form of a man to prove his love for us and speak directly to us. Jesus is God that became a human to better deliver His Father’s message to us. This is what we celebrate at Christmas.

In the Heizer family, one of the most important traditions is to create and decorate the Christmas tree together. We place ornaments and gifts that we have collected since Dini and I were married 28 years ago! I personally love it when the kids begin to find the ornaments that they made in schools and at the church every year. Is very nice to remember who gave us the ornaments and why.

We have some collections from events such as the First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale Christmas Pageant. Every year my friend, David, gives us a White House ornament. Remembering the good times is always amazing!

I am predicting that when the kids grow up, we will still get together and build the tree when everybody is home. Can you imagine if God allows me to see my grand kids? Wow, I am celebrating the future now!

This year, some families will not have anything to celebrate and even worse, they will never be able to celebrate their Christmas the same way again. These are the families who lost their children at the tragedy inNewtown,Connecticut. That city will have to endure the memories of this tragedy event during every Christmas season – perhaps forever. This will be also marked in each American family’s Christmas.

We are never going to understand why some people just don’t understand the message of the Baby King. We took God out of our schools many years ago. It is long past the time that we invite him back into our schools.

During this Christmas, take a moment to pray for those who are going to have a difficult during this Christmas season. Also, pray for our city. Ask God to keep us safe. To keep us away from those who don’t understand the real meaning of Christmas.


Merry Christmas for you and your family!

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