Published On: Fri, Oct 26th, 2012

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Magic water – What it can do for our your health

If there is magic in this planet it is contained in the water. All fisiological functions of the human body – including muscle function, metabolism, and joint lubrication, depend in part of the water. It helps maintain your body energized, and your mind alert when ingested in adequate amounts for your needs. The water assists in the maintenance of your gastrointestinal system, and gives support to the skin and shine to the hair fiber.

Overnight, the body dehydrates due to the several hours without drinking water, and due to the environment and all the variables (the air conditioned dries out the air for example). When you get up in the morning the ideal is to drink a full glass of water at room temperature. This will help you to rehydrate and will assist you by flushing your kidneys. During the day, you should have a bottle of water always by your side. You should drink at least three bottles of water daily, but if you have an active life style it’s recommended to ingest at least 64 ounces of water daily.

Physical exercise requires proper hydration to improve performance and post-exercise recovery. The dehydration may lead to premature fatigue, and decreased exercise tolerance. The reason? The water is the major component in the body, representing 70-75% of the human body structure. When there is loss of body fluids, the cells of the several body systems become dehydrated, affecting their metabolic process e consequently altering the cellular function.

A study published by the Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise demonstrated that a dehydration of only two percent may already affect the ability of the body to perform aerobic exercises. Other studies demonstrated that the same dehydration level may lead to decreased ability to think clearly, and decreased the production of strength in the muscles.

Another study by the University of Connecticut, published by the Journal of Nutrition, demonstrated that once you feel thirsty (approximately one to two percent dehydrated), there is an increase in the levels of general fatigue, increased tension, and increased anxiety, on both men and women.

When exercising during the summer, the water intake must be enough to supply the natural loss of body fluids by the sweat. Maintaining your body hidrated improves your performance in sports, work, and supports your mood.

Drinking water instead fruit juices and sodas, may assist in a weight loss of up to five  percent of your body weight in a year. This statement was confirmed by a recent study performed by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Water has no taste, no color, no odor; it cannot be defined, art relished while ever mysterious. Not necessary to life, but rather life itself. It fills us with a gratification that exceeds the delight of the senses”. (Antoine De Saint-Exupery 1900-1944), Wind, Sand and Stars, 1939).

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