Published On: Wed, Aug 8th, 2012

Boca Raton Chiropractor provides unique holistic care for patients

By: Malcolm Shields

In an era where doctors and pharmaceutical companies attempt to encourage patients to take the latest and greatest remedy to treat ailments, Dr. Stephanie Goldberg of Allergy Chiropractic Wellness Center of Boca Raton has taken a different approach to treating her patients that struggle with life’s allergies, aches and pains.

“People today are starting to be more interested in natural alternatives and holistic alternatives because they are tired of being prescribed drugs as the only answer,” Dr. Goldberg said. “It is nice to offer people a different method that is effective. With this technique, the results are permanent.”

Goldberg practices an alternative treatment to allergies. Known as Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques or NAET, the technique combines the disciplines of allopathy, chiropractic techniques, acupuncture/acupressure and kinesiology to provide a natural, non-chemical care. The treatment was pioneered by Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad in the early 1980s.

“It’s completely natural. There are no drugs. There are no needles involved in the testing. It relies on muscle strength for testing and finding a weakness when a patient is in contact with something,” Dr. Goldberg said. “It erases the brain’s response to the allergic item and plants a new healthy response.”

Some of the most common allergies that she treats are from eggs, milk, nuts, grains, gluten and environmental irritants like pollen. The basis of the technique is to help the body re-adjust to the problematic allergen a patient’s body struggles with.

“There is an energy component that everything has,” Dr. Goldberg said. “When you are in contact with something that you are allergic to, it makes your body weak.” According to Goldberg, when she tests a patient’s muscle, a weak point provides the starting point for treatment.

The treatment that Dr. Goldberg provides is very structured and incrementally works towards finding a solution for the patient. “There is a very strict protocol that I follow,” she said. There are a basic group of allergens that Dr. Goldberg treats initially. “We build up the immune system and once the immune system is built up to a certain level, then we can attack the more complicated issues that a patient has.”

Along with treating adults, Dr. Goldberg also specializes in treating young kids. “Getting adjusted for children is so important. It makes sure that their nervous system is running at its prime,” she said. “When that is happening, then their immune system is stronger.”

According to Dr. Goldberg, the adjustments that she provides have helped kids that deal with asthma and constipation. “It is very beneficial for children,” Dr. Goldberg said.

Although it is difficult to determine the amount of treatments needed for complete success, according to Dr. Goldberg, many patients have had instant improvements once they began treatments. “Most people start feeling some positive results after five treatments,” she said.

Dr. Goldberg’s ability to connect to with her patients and her belief in her technique draws back to her experience dealing with rheumatoid arthritis and her struggles dealing with the side-effects from the prescribed drugs and chemotherapy she was offered.

“That has made me an excellent practitioner,” Dr. Goldberg said of her experience. “I believe in the technique 100 percent because it changed my life. I know what results I got. When I help my patients, I know what they are going through and I empathize with them. I offer a treatment that I know that works.”

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