Published On: Tue, Nov 1st, 2011

Boca 4-year-old sets up pink lemonade stand for breast cancer cure

BOCA RATON –Four-year old Sophie Steiber wanted to do her part for the American Cancer Society’s annual walk to support breast cancer research.

Sophie thought the walk might be a bit too much for her little legs, but she knew that all the walkers would love an ice cold cup of pink lemonade. So, she set up her stand along the walk route on Palmetto Park Road, in front of ego the salon, which sponsored her stand.

Sophie was so proud of herself, she raised $333.56. She had one little problem. Many of the walkers were so disappointed that they had no money with them. Sophie was even willing to give them the lemonade for free, telling all the people with the pretty pink bras that they could pay her later. (A child’s innocence and trust is what more adults should learn.)

Sophie’s mom, Natalee, is currently talking with the American Cancer Society to help come up with a plan for next year. They would like to remind all the walkers to bring there dollar for Sophie’s Pink Lemonade. She hopes to raise a lot more money next year.

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