Published On: Wed, Sep 14th, 2011

Want to make your lips more youthful and fuller (at home) right before your very eyes? Here’s how the models do it….

By: Oleda Baker

Models were using corrective lip make-up tricks many years before “show business or Hollywood” started overdoing, filling lips with silicone – some looking like a duck in profile. Corrective lip make-up for fuller lips is not difficult to master…it’s a matter of know-how and practice. You will know how after you read this column. Just practice a few times before you actually go out on the town with your new, glamorous lips. You may also hop over to these guys if you’re looking for a lip plumper. You may also try a natural vegan cbd lip treatment to further enhance the appearance of your lips.

Note: Please…If you decide to have your lips made fuller with silicone, tell the doctor you do not want your moneys’ worth…don’t overdo it.


*Two shades of Lipstick, one a little lighter than the other with NO shimmer. *A Lip Liner Pencil A little darker than the darker lipstick. *A Lip Gloss medium shine with no shimmer.

Below you will find step-by-step instructions using model makeup tricks to achieve fuller looking lips. It is not difficult to master and can be very glamorous and alluring.  This is how  “develop” my fuller lips.

Pre-Makeup Lips

After Simply using lipstick 

After using “fuller lips” technique

1) Apply lipstick normally, using your full lip line…blot lightly.

2) Next, take the lip liner pencil and lightly blend the pencil color around your lips’ edges and into the lipstick, making sure to cover the full edge of your lip line…even going over the edge ever-so-slightly. Do not just make a dark line around the lips with  your pencil….smudge or blend the two colors together so there is no line of demarcation between the lipstick and lip pencil. Do   not put the lip liner color all over the lips. The trick is to have the outer part of the lips appear darker than the middle of the lips.  The consistency of the lip liner pencil is most important. A medium consistency not too hard or too soft will make the application so much easier.  Make sure the pencil has a point.

  3) If you want/need to add more of the original lipstick now is the time to do it. After that, apply a lighter shade of lipstick to the middle INSIDE of the bottom lip only, taking care not to cover the entire bottom lip itself with this second color. The lighter inside bottom lip color gives it a fuller, puffier look.

4) Blot your lips lightly and  carefully then lightly powder over the outside edges …go ahead, don’t be afraid. The powder will hide your secret, since a shiny outside edge reflects light, calling attention to your lip art …the powder camouflages it. Note: If your lips are too full or wide, you can follow the above information, but bring the lipstick and lip pencil just INSIDE the lip line.

5) If you like a subtle gloss, now is the time to apply it but do not apply it on the lip line as it will expose your fuller lip secret.

Do you like it? I bet you do.

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