Published On: Mon, Aug 15th, 2011

Turn your AM or PM cleansing routine into a “MINI FACE LIFT”…benefits’ are great….


By: Oleda Baker

For over 35 years I have given myself a quick “MINI FACE LIFT” each night when I cleanse my face and neck. OK, it may take an extra minute, but it adds many more years of youthful-looking skin …and remember to treat you neck the same as your face.  This cleansing routine stimulates blood circulation without pulling the skin in the wrong direction. After just a little practice, it takes less than 5 minutes. Here’s how it works.

The principal success of massaging the face and neck is found in the skin’s own chemistry. Massaging the skin stimulates blood circulation, which in turn raises skin temperature causing the release of Sebum (oil) from your pores. When Sebum is liquefied it naturally penetrates through your pores helping to clean out clogged and enlarged pores, leaving the skin cleaner, more radiant and glowing. The stimulation process also helps keep the collagen firmer under the skin. This is why I call it a “Mini Face Lift.” People may also visit skincare clinics like a med spa in North York, ON to try various cosmetic procedures. Moxi laser treatment in Carmel, IN and Emtone in Fall River, MA are just a few of the skin care treatments that can help improve the condition and aesthetic appeal of your face.

Here’s My Personal Routine – Yes, Every Night Before I Go To Bed!

My daily routine cleanses the face, of course, but more so, at the same time, stimulates the blood circulation of the face and neck without pulling the skin in the wrong direction, or stretching it. This is a routine I have kept up because of the long-range benefit of keeping the skin younger-looking for a lifetime. This stimulation helps bring more nutrition to your skin’s cells through the blood stream…which is another reason to make sure your blood remains rich and healthy through proper nutrition.

Step One: Apply cleansing product on your face and neck with an upward-outward motion using your favorite make-up remover. (Oleda & Company has two great ones – I use the Liquefying Make-up Remover).  Using tissues or thin cloth (texture of cloth is good for the skin) apply make-up remover until all your make-up is off using a medium firm action. Do this until the tissue or cloth remains clean.  Do not pull down on the skin. Use an upward-outward firm motion without stretching the skin.

Step Two: Now you think your skin is clean? Well it may not be! Here’s how to tell. It’s a step that I do every time to make sure the pores of my skin do not have any traces of make-up and also to be certain all the make-up remover is off too. Leaving a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g in your pores will block the full benefit of the treatment of night cream you are about to apply before going to bed. (You are putting something on your skin before you go to bed…aren’t you!!) To remove any residual from your skin, use a washcloth (has texture and you can buy cheap ones at a supermarket) and an astringent. Take the top off the container, if a sprayer top, remove it and dampen a spot on the cloth. Rub gently all over your face and neck. You may have to dampen several spots on the cloth, repeating the procedure, before you see “nothing” on your cloth. (Oleda and Company has an aloe vera based astringent, called High Potency Toner-Astringent).

The astringent does several things. It protects your skin against bacteria, hydrates and restores the pH balance before applying night cream or moisture cream and also helps tighten pores. Always use an aloe vera based astringent as it is a better protection against bacteria while hydrating it.

Step Three: Now you are ready to apply your nightly skin treatment cream. If you do your mini face lift in the morning, a moisturizer should be used before applying make-up. If you don’t apply make-up, the skin needs a moisturizer anyway. If you are looking for natural beauty products for your skin and body, consider incorporating body butter into your daily skincare routine.

Within two weeks you will see a more beautiful tighter looking skin.

Until next time,

Love, Oleda

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