Published On: Thu, Aug 5th, 2010

Steve Geffrard is Good as Gold

By: Pedro Heizer

As I walked into the Police Athletic League gym, I must admit, I was worried. Worried that Steve Geffrard was going to be one of those types of boxers who could come in with his nose in the air and not really care about what I said. Boy was I ever wrong. Steve is one of the few athletes out there that didn’t let his fame get to him “the way I was raised was to stay humble, and stay grounded. I just try to not let it get to my head.” Well, Steve, I wish more athletes were like you.

So, as I anxiously waited there in the boxing gym for Steve, alas, the door opened and in comes this guy with glasses, and texting his life away on his Blackberry. And then it hit me “wow, he’s normal after all” he was all smiles when I introduced myself to him. He seemed like he actually cared about other people, something I haven’t seen much of with other athletes.

This kid is remarkable, I asked what got him in the boxing business and he simply said “A friend of mine took me to the Boca Raton Police Athletic League when I was only 13 years old… and I saw the other guys in the boxing gym lifting weights and I was very curious and I got into boxing from that day.” That’s great, he’s athletic and humble.

A graduate of St. Andrews High School here in Boca, starting in September, Steve will be attending the Wayne Huizenga School of Business at Nova Southeastern University. He will have to juggle an Olympic career and the everyday life of an average college student at the same time. But, if there was an athlete that I think could handle this, it would be Steve.
Listen, this kid is destined for greatness; he’s got his eye set on the prize and will accomplish it at any cost. His goal is simple: “I want to represent the US in the Olympics especially in the heavyweight division, because we haven’t won a gold medal in that division in so many years” with his eyes set on gold, he has become the golden standard of boxing with his great victories, the latest being a win at the USA National Championships in Colorado Springs at the Olympic training center.

So here is to you Steve, the athlete that has made a difference. An athlete that came up from a humble beginning and never lost sight of where you came from while looking ahead to the future.  I wish more athletes would be like you, care about people, be humble, and never forget where you came from. I’m sure you will win Olympic Gold for the USA. We here at The Boca Raton Tribune are rooting for you, you are not only an athlete we will look up to, but you are our hometown hero, no matter the outcome. Good Luck.

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