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Fantasy Cricket: What do You Need to Know?

In the modern technological world we live in, there are many opportunities for entertainment online. The sports industry is not an exception. Many cricket fans from different countries travel across the globe to watch important games and get together to watch them online also. However, sports are not only connected to professional games and tournaments. Right now, the online gaming industry is on the rise. Here you will find an overview of the popular sports game, Fantasy Cricket.


Defining Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket has become a popular trend in the gaming industry in general. It was reported that its worth is almost 10 billion dollars in 2019. But what is it and why does it attract so many people? To answer that question, we need to define what Fantasy Cricket rules say. It is an online game in the fantasy sports genre played and beloved by thousands of users across the globe.


Main Characteristics of Fantasy Cricket

There are hundreds of apps and games for smartphones and PCs where people can play cricket. What is so special about Fantasy Cricket that makes people come back for more each time? The answer is simple: it has a unique concept. Here are the main characteristics of the game that will give you a better understanding of this game:


  1.                 Fantasy Sports Game

The main characteristic is that it is a fantasy genre. It means that you can use the characters of real players in the game. For example, you can choose Virat Kohli or Steve Smith as a player in the game. It makes the gaming experience even better: users can become real professional famous cricketers for a certain period.


  1.                 Tight Connection with Real Cricket

The next feature that made Fantasy Cricket so attractive is the fact that the gaming process is strongly connected with real-life cricket. But that is not all. The scores and stats of each player in the Fantasy Cricket will be directly influenced by the performance of the real cricket player. Let’s use the example of Steve Smith. He is considered to be one of the best batsmen in the world. Consequently, his character will be a strong player in the game also. Every gamer can try him out.


  1.                 No Limitations

Another advantage of Fantasy Cricket is the ability of the players to make the majority of the decisions and use their imagination. Despite the fact that you can choose real cricketers as characters in Fantasy Cricket, you are under no obligation to put them in their real-life positions. If you want to put Virat Kohli and Steve Smith on the same team, you will have that opportunity.

Moreover, if in the real cricket that is a strict structure to the team, Fantasy Cricket does not require that. You need to choose 11 main players and 3 substitutes. However, there are no restrictions on the roles. For example, you can choose as many batsmen or bowlers as you want. This gives the players more freedom and makes the product more attractive to the audience.


  1.                 Many Platforms

Another important aspect that you need to consider while playing Fantasy Cricket is the platform variety. There are many websites and apps you can use to begin our experience with the game. For example, there are such gaming platforms as Dream11, Starpick, and MyTeam11. They are considered to be the best in the industry as they provide a good service to the players. You can also go for BalleBaazi, Halaplay, Playerzpot, and Fantain. To choose the perfect platform, we recommend to visit their websites and read the reviews. It will give you a better understanding of what you might need. Many of them also offer test games so you can see if the website works for you. For example, on MyTeam11 you can find a full guide for beginners, as well as a test version of Fantasy Cricket. 


Fantasy Cricket has become a trend in the gaming industry. It is so popular because it can give users something that other games cannot: the imitation of a real game. People state that playing Fantasy Cricket is the next best thing to becoming a real cricketer. From this perspective, the popularity of Fantasy Cricket will only grow in the future. 

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